Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities

West Wing - Women's Locker (ENDING)

West Wing - Women's Locker (ENDING)
Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities Guide

After this cut scene, you will wake up inside the Women’s Locker Room as the view seems terribly grayish and cloudy.

As soon as you exit the locker room, you may proceed to the West Wing Corridors where you will find a hallway with mannequins standing around. In one of the corners, you will also find Noah sitting on a couch, congratulating you. Noah goes on and talks about tragedies in life and advises you to proceed to the elevator which will reveal to her what she is looking for.

Walk past Noah and enter the elevator behind her. Once inside, use the Elevator Key and then a cutscene will commence as you are brought to the 5th Floor.

Once you exit the elevator you will notice that Dorothy has already taken control of your body and proceeds to walk through the dark and gloomy hallway.

The next scene will show Rose sitting in a corner in the Mortuary.

After this scene you will also hear a voice of a man looking for Rose at the asylum.

Congratulations! You have now finished the game.

Credits will roll after the game and a notification will appear saying that you have just unlocked the developer console with new weapons, secret costumes and even hidden interactions.

By the credits are done, there will also be a ranking list at the end.

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