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Good news to all app-gamers out there, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. recently added to their collection of awesome fighting game titles a game that is specifically designed for the mobile platform, and it is nothing short of being great! It has outstanding graphics, seemingly simple and effective input Interface (for battles), lots of stages (with accompanying story to boot), PvP (player versus player) battles, and lots of fiddling around in between. Welcome the game, Dragon Ball Legends.

A fighting game in general, which primarily boasts its PvP battles as you’d typically enjoy playing match-ups with people across the globe. Apart from that though, it has a Story Mode where you’d play instanced battles as you progress in the accompanying lore - and have your roster of characters level-up and generally beefed up along the way.

Game Features:

Card Action Battles for input controls - makes the game much more responsive and you’d end up seeing much of the action instead of getting frustrated over clumsy controls. Nonetheless has an in-depth RPS mechanic to it to help you get creative and still (in a way) make those combos and special moves work they way around your opponent.

Worldwide PvP Battles - Real-time match-up battles against online players around the world. Given the volume of download, you’d typically find yourself in a haven full of battle-hungry players.

Original Accompanying Storyline - Play as the all new character designed by Akira Toriyama. Experience a new Adventure with Goku and all your favorite characters that is set in an alternative timeline.

Dragon Ball Legends might just be the game that will make you fall-in love with this franchise all over again. The graphics, intuitive Gameplay and controls, and its battles definitely make the game worth a try! Welcome to the guide.

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