Basic Character Guide

Basic Character Guide

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When you start the game, you'll be introduced to the main character that you'll play the story mode with - Shallot. As you progress through the chapters of the game however, you'll be able to earn more characters, and will even be tasked to summon your own roster of fighters later on.

Basic Character Guide
Once you get past the tutorial phase of the game, you are free to summon characters as long as you have chrono crystals. By default, you get to summon one random character for 100 chrono crystals. However, once daily, you'll be given an 80% discount to summon one character (this multiplies depending on on-going events) - which will enable you to summon one character for only 20 chrono crystals.

The character that will be generated will always be random - but when the chance that you generate a character that you already have in your inventory, you'll get a limit break instead (showing the character will have a star rating increase). Limit break simply increases the default battle parameters of the character which is most likely a better version of it compared to that of the no-star version.

Characters are also sub divided by types (generally indicated by color) - which is an RPS mechanic of the game. Aside from the individual battle ratings of each of the playable characters, this acts like and additional variable -- computing how effective or ineffective certain types of characters are against each other. In the game, there are 5 main color types (green, red, blue, yellow, and violet), 1 light character (shallot), and dark characters which are non-playable characters in the game by far. The basic setup of character effectiveness or ineffectiveness is as shown on the image below.

Basic Character Guide
Aside from that, you also have 3 different character rarities in the game including Basic Heroes, Extreme Character, and Special Characters. Indicated as "HE" for basic heroes - they are the most common characters that you'll most likely get while summoning for additional characters. You'll see "EX" for extreme characters on the other hand which are kind of rare, but are more powerful when compared to your normal heroes. The rarest characters are indicated with "SP" and are only a handful of them are available in the game. They are the most powerful characters that you can get in the game.

Leveling Up your Characters

To level up your characters, you must have them enlisted to your roster of characters. You can enlist a maximum of 6 characters in your roster, but only the 3 active character that participates in the battle will earn experience points. By default, characters will have a ceiling level of 300. A higher cap level can be unlocked by soul boosting your characters and earning specific items that generally enables you to upgrade the type of fighter they are. For instance, novice characters will generally have a ceiling of 300 levels, and an additional 300 levels will be unlocked when you upgrade it from novice to a fighter.

Basic Character Guide
Each upgrade will also unlock a concluding soul boost panel which you can individually access and passively upgrade. Each upgrade will give your character a permanent boost on a particular stat, and his/her overall battle rating. Take note though that you'll need specific soul boost crystals to actually perform these upgrades to your character as well as a certain amount of zeni (in-game currency).

If by any chance you lack a particular item to perform a particular soul boost, you'll generally be lead to certain chapters where you'd typically earn them. Take note though that the usual case is that the reward items are randomly given which will make you have to do several attempts to that actual chapter to actually earn them -- each of which will take up one energy per trial.

The best course of action to have your roster upgraded steadily is by simply playing through the chapters of the game until you run out of energy. Make sure that you also check the missions and try to accomplish their requirements -- for they usually give you additional reward items in return.

Additionally, you can perform training when you run out of energy and are not playing the game. Training usually bumps up your character's levels for a certain period of time. They use specific training items like training weights and milk, and varies depending on how many items you use to perform a single training. More training items used at a time (maximum of 3) will bump up your character level massively but will take more time to perform. Training items are usually earned from defeating the chapters of the story, or as additional rewards for accomplishing certain missions.

Basic Character Guide

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