What are the Colors in the Characters?

What are the Colors in the Characters?

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The Colors you see in a character represents the element that they have. It basically is an additional RPS (rock-paper-scissor) mechanic in the game that extends the variables to fiddle around in order to improve on the complexity of the whole character-picking system. With this, the game makes it harder for you to decide on the balance of your roster of characters to choose against your opponents.

What are the Colors in the Characters?
There are a total of 7 Elements in this game. Each character has an element (defined mainly by color) - which is an RPS mechanic of a game that renders weaknesses and strengths against each other types. Below is the chart that shows the basic concept of the said RPS mechanic.

Blue - Blue Element are effective against to Red Element but ineffective to Green Element.

Green - Green Element are effective against to Blue Element but ineffective to Purple Element.

Purple - Purple Element are effective against to Green Element but ineffective to Yellow Element.

Yellow - Yellow Element are effective against to Purple Element but ineffective to Red Element.

Red - Red Element are effective against to Yellow Element but ineffective to Blue Element.

These are the main 5 Elements. However, there are two additional elements in the game.

Dark = Dark Element Characters are effective against all other Element Colors, but weak against Light Element (shallot). Currently, dark element character are all non-playable PVE opponents only.

Light = Light Element Character are effective against Dark Element, and is neutral to all other element. Currently, only Shallot (the main character in the game), is a light element character.

What are the Colors in the Characters?

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