Which Character Should I Pick?

Which Character Should I Pick?

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It is OK to stick with strengthening and focusing your efforts in upgrading Shallot during the first few days in the game. The reason for this is that shallot happens to be the only light character of the game - which is most of the time required to meet a certain challenge requirement of the chapters of the game. Light character is also neutral against all types of enemies in the game, however is the only effective character against dark element ones (usually boss enemy opponents in the PVE mode).

Which Character Should I Pick?
After playing the game for quite a few days, you should have at least be able to get your EX or SP character. Regardless who you get to have, they are your best bet for your roster and put your focus in upgrading as they tend to have better stats than normal heroes in the game. Other than than, you should find a great balance between ranged, melee, and support characters in your roster.

Below are the known EX and SP characters in the game

Known (EX) Characters:
Chiaotzu (Support - Buff)
Goku (Melee Fighter)
Mercenary Tao (Support - Buff)
Nappa (Melee Fighter)
Raditz (Ranged Fighter)
Tien (Support - Defense)

Which Character Should I Pick?
Known (SP) Characters:
Goku (Support - Defense)
Super Saiyan Goku (Ranged Fighter)
Paikuhan (Melee Fighter)
Pan (Support - Buff)
Piccolo (Support - Defense)
Vegeta (Ranged Fighter)

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