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Missions in the game are a list of objectives that the player has the option of completing while going through the progress of leveling their roster of characters or when simply coursing through the chapter of the game. They mostly resemble an achievement list in other games. There are three types of missions that are actively running while you are playing the game. When you get to the "Missions" sub menu, by default you'll see the daily missions.

Daily missions are a select number of tasks that you can perform each day and earn their rewards when you complete them. The usual combination of tasks to perform in daily missions are; taking part in the story mode, participating in the PVP at least once, performing a training, performing an adventure, and completing the required tasks for the day (for an additional and massive bonus).

Aside from the daily missions, you also have the Z missions which are a set of tasks that are progressively laid out as you progress in the game itself -- like reaching a certain level, logging in the game for the "nth" time, training a number of times, setting out to an adventure for a number of times, making a friend request, purchasing via IAP, etc.

Lastly, you have the Event Missions which are an additional set of achievement tiers for players when they take part in on-going events - for instance defeating an event opponent an "X" number of times, or clearing a certain level of the event. Each of which will usually reward fragments of characters - which when you complete a hundred of it will give you that particular character like that of summoning it.

When you get to the missions sub menu, you'll see the list of missions which you can take part in, accomplish and earn their rewards. They rewards are mainly the ones that are flaunted on the left part side of the tab, and you may click on the details to learn how to actually beat them. For example, the image below shows the current tab selected is showing the list of daily missions. The first one requires you to clear the story 1 time (which actually means you'll have to at least progress on chapter in the story mode once). Participating on the story mode and progress through one chapter will clear this mission and will reward you with 10 Rare Medals (item used as special currency in the Exchange Shop), and 9 "Z" points which fills up the "Z" level gauge and rewards you with a collection of stuff when successfully leveled up.

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