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One important section of the game that people tend to under utilize is the Training section. Training will enable you to send your characters to a training regimen (true to the spirit of Dragon Ball), and earn a bump in the levels in return after a set time duration. A simple training is also available even if you do not have the training items, although you only get to send one character at a time.

Training items like "training weights" are not that hard to come by in the game though and you'll usually end up with a lot by simply trying to do the daily missions and simply playing through chapters in the story that usually reward them (check the reward items of each chapter in the game and try to see if they do include training items).

However, beating a more difficult tiered mission (say for instance winning an "X" times in the PvP) will most of the time reward you with better training items like milk. A tier 3 milk training (requires 3 milk training items), will boost you several folds better than any other training sessions in the game.

When you acquire these training items, you can enlist your characters to training as you want them too and it wont affect your roster -even while playing the chapters / PvP. Even as you enlist characters in training, they would still be available in the game to play unlike that of the "Adventure". It is also best to perform training when you do not have energy left to play the chapters of the game. As you get off the game to replenish the energy gauge, you still get to level up your characters by enlisting them in training.


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