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Dragonball Legends brings in two game modes to play with. A story mode where you typically play instanced battles against AI opponents, and a PVP mode where you battle against random people across the globe (matched depending on your current battle rating).

If you follow the basic order of things, what you’ll need to progress in the game is to repeatedly take on the chapters of the story to help you level up your characters and earn some relatively important items in the game such as soul crystals, equipment, and training items - which you mostly get by taking part in the game’s PVE mode.

If for instance you’ve hit a bump playing the story mode (like being matched to a very powerful enemy that is very hard to beat), what you can do is to re-play the previous chapters over and over until you get to level up your characters (to strengthen them) - to give you a better chance in beating the opponent. In the process, you might also want to check which missions reward you with training items and other loot items

Training items like training weights and milk are usually rewarded by meeting a certain milestone in the game. However, some levels do randomly drop them as loots too upon beating the opponents. They are very helpful with getting your characters stronger especially when you are out of energy to perform any more missions.

Alternatively, you might want to play the PVP mode of the game. As early as playing the tutorial phase of the game, you’ll be tasked to play a PVP battle. There are no limits to how strong or weak your characters are, as the battles are arranged depending on players’ battle rating. During our try of the game, we didn’t had any problems securing a fight on the tutorial phase as the match-up felt spontaneous.

However, as you progress through the levels and earn higher overall power rating, it seemed that finding people to play with suddenly become a bit harder as long wait times (finding for an opponent as said on the screen) were experienced more often.

PVP battles do not cost you energy to play - which makes it a good place to spend your time in especially when you do not have any more energy to use, and you do not want to spend chrono crystals to play. There usually are several missions that requires you to participate in PVP (say win “X” times in PVP), and reward you some great items in return like milk training items (which are by far the best training items we saw in the game), and some great number of chrono crystals too.

Both modes are structured in tag team battle, where only one character is actively controlled at a time. To switch to your other characters, simply click on their icon on the left part side of the battle screen. Note though that after swapping characters, the previously selected character would need a cool-down time before you can choose it again. Also, some instances in the PVE mode will match you up with a single opponent (no tag-team mates or minions), but are in most of the case, very powerful.

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