Beginner Tips

Beginner Tips

Learn to Evade Enemy Attacks

More than just strengthening your characters, it is more important to learn how to successfully evade attacks or at the very least make good use of swapping characters and continuously performing vanishing steps (as the evasive maneuvers are called in the game). This is made possible as the evasion gauge fully replenishes upon switching characters in battle. Fully utilizing this would enable you to actually defeat more powerful opponents.

Check Every Chapter Challenge and Perform as Many as You can in One Go

You might have noticed that every after successful take on a new chapter, you are rewarded with chrono crystals. There might be some points in the challenge which you have not successfully rendered while playing the chapter. You can always re-do the chapter and try to beat the challenge to earn all chrono crystals it offers, as well as the rare medal for completing every given challenge. Rare medals can be used as a special currency to purchase great stuff in the Exchange Shop.

Perform Training when You Run Out of Energy

It is best to perform training when you do not have energy left to play the chapters of the game. As you get off the game to replenish the energy gauge, you still get to level up your characters by enlisting them in training.

Balance your roster of Characters

Make sure to have Shallot in your roster as he is the only light character in the game which renders him good at every single character in the game when played right. Make sure you have a good combination of support, ranged, and melee types of characters to effectively counter your opponent's roster.

Check for initial gifts and easy missions to earn lots of free chrono crystals - although it might seem to be the premium currency of the game (which lets you summon new characters and purchase extra energy), chrono crystals in the game are pretty abundant. Even while playing the game for the first day, we managed to collect as much as 4000 chrono crystals by claiming free gifts and doing simple missions like linking the game to your google account / social account -- which you can then use to summon multiple characters until you earn an EX or SP character.

You can Re-play Chapters if you Need a Specific Soul Crystal

If you finally learn how to soul boost your characters, chances are, you'll be looking for soul crystals that will enable you to boost certain panels in the soul boost tree. You can find help where to actually find them by simply clicking on the panel (on the soul boost tree) and clicking on the option "how to get". This will list specific chapters in the game or special event stages where you could acutally earn them. Additionally, you should take note that you can repeatedly take a try on these given chapters to collect a number of specific soul crystals.

Send Higher Level Unused Characters to Do Adventures

You should take note that higher leveled characters sent will return with better rewards, an that characters sent to an adventure wont be available while they are on the adventure (unlike with that of training them). On the example image below, the adventure "Ferrous Plains" was performed by a level 280 Klirin, and ended up a "Huge Success". Normally, succeeding in this mission will only grant you zenies, but this time, since we sent a higher level character, it ended up giving out a number of soul boost crystals along with zenies.

Reserve the Rising Rush for the Last Opponent

To successfully bag a victory (especially on the PvP), make sure to get your dragon ball gauge filled by using specific action cards with dragon balls in them and use the Rising Rush as soon as you get down to the last enemy. Doing this will most likely kill your opponent in one shot (which usually has a very slim chance to fail) and bag that victory. Never rely on one character and make sure to perform switches all the time to continuously enable you to perform vanishing steps.

Try to Accomplish Missions to Earn more Energy or Chrono Crystals

Although optional, you might want to actually perform the suggested tasks as listed on the missions. Leveling up your "Z" level would usually reward you with reserve tank energy - which can be used to automatically replenish your energy gauge full. Additionally, most mission would reward chrono crystals - which themselves can be used to replenish your energy, or by the hundred give you the option to summon a new random character.

Review Character Abilities, Cards, Color, and Specials Before Enlisting Them

To effectively create a balanced roster of fighters, you should take note of the abilities of each of your characters. There are characters that are meant to fight in ranged combat, some meant for melee combat, and others as support characters that can render de-buffs on opponents. Check specific abilities that can play well with your team as a whole. You should also take note of your opponent's character color, and identify prior to the battle which ones of in your roster will highly be effective against them.

Remember Daily Discount on Summon

Once each day, you get to summon for a discounted fee. Usually, you'll have to pay 100 chrono crystals to summon one random character, but once a day, you get to summon for only 20 chrono crystals. This multiplies depending on on-going events - so make sure to make the most out of it and remember to summon at least once every single day.

Adventure Tickets are Earned Even if You Lose in PvP

If you happen find adventure helpful with soul boost crystals rewards by sending higher leveled characters, you might scour the game for more adventure request tickets. To earn them, simply subscribe to any PvP battle (even a casual match will do). Even if you do lose the battle, you'll nonetheless receive an adventure request ticket.

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