How Can I improve my Character in Dragon Ball Legends?

How Can I improve my Character in Dragon Ball Legends?

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There are several ways to boost your characters in the game but most prominently by playing through the chapters of the game and leveling them up. Each time you take part in a chapter, all members enlisted to perform the actual battle would usually earn experience points after successfully defeating the enemies therein. As you earn experience points, you get to level up your characters which would technically make them stronger.

How Can I improve my Character in Dragon Ball Legends?
Additionally, you can perform soul boosts on your characters as you earn the soul crystals from doing the chapters (as every chapter usually reward you with soul crystals). Each character has its own soul boost tree which you can passively upgrade as you earn the crystals to actually unlock them. Doing this will earn a passive increase on your character's stats, like its effectiveness against blast charges, its effectiveness on attack, increase in his/her HP, and many more.

You can also spend much of your chrono crystals to perform multiple summon and earn similar characters over and over to enhance the current version of this character. In the game, it is called limit break - which is defined by the star level of a character. The higher the star-level a character has, the better stats it will have (at least when compared to its base version).

How Can I improve my Character in Dragon Ball Legends?
Lastly, if you happen to have no energy left to perform any more chapters in the game, you might want to enlist your characters to training before you actually get off the game. Training will enable you to send your characters to a training regimen (true to the spirit of Dragon Ball), and earn a bump in the levels in return after a set time duration. A simple training is also available even if you do not have the training items, although you only get to send one character at a time.

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