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Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn game where players use a team of creatures called Axies in battling other players or clearing adventure stages. Players can earn SLP which can be converted to Ethereum, and finally, exchanged to real money should they wish to. In this short article, we will discuss the different buffs and debuffs that you’ll encounter in the game and how they can affect the flow of battle.

Buffs and Debuffs are integral parts of almost all combat systems even at the infancy of video games as a whole. These positive and negative effects make combat varied and require additional strategy to take advantage of or get around to. If you’re not familiar with the terms, buffs are basically beneficial effects applied to characters or units like increased attack, defense, resistance, etc. Debuffs are the opposite effects that can inflict negative effects like regular HP depletion, decreased stats, inability to move, etc.

Axie Infinity also features these effects, which can directly affect the flow of combat. There are 16 status effects in the game; 3 are buffs while the other 13 are debuffs. Buffs and debuff icons will appear above the affected axie once applied. These effects can wear off over time or can be instantly removed with the help of specific ability (card) effects.We will list down their effects below.


Attack Up
Increases the next attack by 20%
Morale Up
Increases morale by 20% for the next round
Speed Up
Increases speed by 20% for the next round


Attack Down
Decreases the next attack by 20%
Morale Down
Decreases morale by 20% for the next round
Speed Down
Decreases speed by 20% for the next round
-2 HP for every action until removed. (1)
Inflicted axie will draw all incoming attacks for the next round.
Unable to enter Last Stand until the stack is removed/expires
Axie can’t attack for the next turn.
Shield takes 200% damage (breaking it easier)
Axie will be unable to land critical hits next round.
Axie will take a guaranteed critical hit next round.
Next attack will ignore shields
The axie will be ignored if there are other axies in the team.
Axie misses the next attack. This stays until the next attack or incoming attack.

1: Poison effect is stackable. So if there are 2 poison stacks, the inflicted axie loses 4 HP for every action, 3 poison stacks = minus 6 HP per action, 4 stacks = minus 8 HP per action and so on.
2: Axies inflicted with Aroma can still be targeted by other axies that wouldn’t normally reach them. For example, a backline Axie with aroma can still be hit even if there are frontline allies.

This concludes our Buffs and Debuffs Guide for Axie Infinity. For more Axie Infinity content, please check out our other pages within this guide.

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