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Axie Infinity Popular PvP Builds

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Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn game where players use a team of creatures called Axies in battling other players or clearing adventure stages. Players can earn SLP which can be converted to Ethereum, and finally, exchanged to real money should they wish to. In this article, we will discuss some of the popular PvP builds.

Since the major update, players are no longer able to earn SLP from Adventure (PvP) mode. Players have no other choice but to earn SLP through Arena (PvP). Of course, this competitive space is dominated by far better axies with great builds. PvE-oriented builds are still viable in the Arena, but the win-rate won’t be consistent.

On the other hand, you should also remember that axie builds are not future-proof as the game is always open for changes like updates, balancing (nerfs and buffs), and the current season’s meta. This means that what was popular and powerful a few seasons back has the possibility of getting power-creeped by new classes, nerfed skills, new parts, updated/new mechanics, and more. In this short guide, we will discuss the different builds used by the community.

As a disclaimer, this is not a definite list and this guide is not a financial guidance to dictate which axies you should buy. As mentioned above, the effectiveness and reliability of axie builds will be affected by several factors. What we may have listed in this page may (or may not) get power-creeped and tiered-down in the future. We suggest joining community forums or the game’s discord server for more up-to-date information about the current meta.

Tank / Defender Builds

Poison Tank

This frontline build’s focus is to tank damage while inflicting poison to attackers. The skill Gas Unleashed (Yam) can apply Poison stacks to attackers. Supplement the axie with October Treat (Pumpkin) to have high shield value and Healing Aroma (Rose Bud) to keep its HP up. Naturally, Plant axies are perfect for the role thanks to their high base HP. =

Another great card to consider is Disguise (Leaf Bug), a 0 cost card that will allow you to gain 1 energy when comboed with a plant card or Vegetal Bite (Serious) to be able to steal energy while dealing some damage and gaining some HP. Having at le ast 55 base HP will also help increase the tankiness of the axie.

Stat Priority: HP > SPD > SKL > Morale
Axie Infinity Popular PvP Builds

Stun Tank

The key skill for this build is Sticky Goo (Snail Shell) which stuns an enemy if the shield breaks. A single stun can ruin the attacker’s combo, wasting their precious energy and protecting your axie in return. Carrot Hammer (Carrot) is the other required part of the build since it allows you to gain 1 energy once the shield breaks. When used together, the axie gains a decent 100 shield that can be broken easy enough to trigger the two effects without suffering too much HP loss.

Vegetal Bite is another great card that you can combo with since it allows stealing 1 energy from your opponent and adding that stolen energy to your own. Finally, Wooden Stab (Beech) gains damage bonus once the shield breaks and this build’s main source of damage.

Stat Priority: HP > SPD > SKL > Morale
Axie Infinity Popular PvP Builds

Damage Dealer Builds

Pure DPS

Damage Dealers are builds focusing only on dealing the maximum possible damage within a turn. They should also have high speed to be able to act first. Bird-class axies are perfect for this ro\le due to their high speed. This build includes the infamous Eggbomb (Eggshell) - Blackmail (Pigeon Post) combo. Complement this further using Early Bird (Swallow) to deal 120% more damage when attacking first.

Another card to consider is All-out Shot (Post Fight). This is a 0 cost card with decent damage but at the cost of 30% of the axie’s max HP in recoil damage. This is very useful in the mid or late portions of the fight where you have to finish off any weakened axie with the combination of other non-self harming ability cards in the axie’s arsenal.

Stat Priority: SPD > SKL > Morale > HP
Axie Infinity Popular PvP Builds


The build stands for “Ronin” and “Imp”. The Ronin part gives the ability card Single Combat which guarantees a critical strike when comboed with 2 other cards while the Imp part unlocks the Ivory Stab ability. Ivory Stab allows you to gain 1 energy per critical strike deal by your team. Thanks to the guaranteed crit, this axie can deal significant damage while also replenishing energy in return.

The other two cards that can be added to this arsenal are the Nut Crack (Nut Cracker) and Nut Throw (Nut Cracker). These two are combo cards that will deal increased damage when used together. If not available, Piercing Sound (Goda) is a perfect mouth part since it can destroy an opponent’s energy by 1. Naturally, a Beast-type axie will be able to use these parts to full potential.

Stat Priority: Morale > SPD > SKL > HP
Axie Infinity Popular PvP Builds

Backdoor Sniper

This build relies on speed to bypass high HP tanks and midlaners to target the glass cannons at the back. Naturally, Bird-class axies are perfect for this role. The required skill for this build is Dark Swoop (Little Owl) which allows the axie to target the fastest enemy (which is usually at the back). This should be used as an opener for a combo, followed by Eggbomb (Eggshell), Blackmail (Pigeon Post), and another damaging card. All-out Shot (Post Fight) is a great choice because of its 0 cost while Early Bird (Swallow) is a great alternative since it deals bonus damage if it attacks first.

Stat Priority: SPD > SKL > Morale > HP
Axie Infinity Popular PvP Builds

Cute Bunny Debuffer

This build relies heavily on debuffs both to impair enemies and to deal damage. Sticky Goo (Snail Shell) stuns attackers once the shield breaks, and Terror Chomp (Cute Bunny) applies Fear to the target for 2 turns when played in a chain. Allergic Reaction is this build’s main damage source since it deals bonus damage against debuffed opponents. For the horn part, you can consider Mystic Rush (Laggin) a 0-energy card that lowers the target’s speed for 2 turns.

Stat Priority: SPD > SKL > HP > Morale
Axie Infinity Popular PvP Builds

Double Anemone

The bread-and-butter of this build is the double anemone skills: Aqua Vitality and Aquaphonics. These cards provide reliable healing to the axie when used together. For offense, the axie can use All-out Shot (Post Fight). This 0-energy attack card deals high damage at the cost 30% of the axie’s max HP. This is not an issue thanks to the self-healing anemone skills. Crimson Water (Piranha) is a great choice for this build as well since it allows the axie to automatically target the injured (enemy axies already damaged) axies when the user’s HP is below 50%.

Stat Priority: SPD > HP > SKL > Morale
Axie Infinity Popular PvP Builds

This concludes our Popular PvP Builds for Axie Infinity. For more Axie Infinity content, please check out our other pages within this guide.

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