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Morale, Crit, and Last Stand

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Morale, Crit, and Last Stand

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Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn game where players use a team of creatures called Axies in battling other players or clearing adventure stages. Players can earn SLP which can be converted to Ethereum, and finally, exchanged to real money should they wish to. In this page, we will discuss the morale stat and how it affects the Critical Hit and Last Stand chance of axies.

Morale as a stat

Just like with any standard game that involves combat, stats will come into play. Axie Infinity is no different; each axie has four stats that affect their combat effectiveness and survivability. One of these key stats is Morale. To put it simply, this stat increases the chance of landing a critical strike, activating a Last Stand, and even being used as consideration to determine turn order.

Normally, Speed is the determining factor whether an axie takes a turn or not. On some instances, axies might have the same SPD stats. When that happens, additional “tie-breaker” conditions are used to determine who goes first. The conditions are: Low HP > High Skill > High Morale > Low Fighter ID.

So for example, two axies have the same speed stat. Next, whoever between the two have the lower HP goes first. If they have full HP for example, their Skill stats are compared next. If they still have the same skill stat, then their morale stat will be compared. Whoever has the higher morale stat will get to act first.

Critical Strike

A Critical Strike deals 200% or twice the damage to the target. The chance of this happening is random but axies with high morale stat has a higher chance of landing a critical strike. The potential damage an axie can deal depending on the ability card used during the critical hit activation is insane and game-changing; a lucky critical hit can even knock out a full HP opponent in one hit. This is why a lot of players are clamoring to remove this feature as critical strikes can snatch the victory from a winning player and turn the tide against him/her. In our opinion however, this mechanic’s luck-based activation give Axie’s combat life and the right amount of randomness.

Last Stand

Morale also makes it more likely for an axie to enter Last Stand mode after suffering fatal damage. This also increases the number of ticks/ bars during Last Stand. Last Stand is a status where an axie that suffers a fatal blow will have one last (or few) rounds to act. Once the Last Stand gauge is depleted, the axie is knocked out. Depending on the situation, a Last Stand can even give the player a clutch victory.

The only catch is that the last stand’s gauge or individual ticks are removed for every action taken (including abilities used) within the round; this also includes the axies of the opposing players. So if ever a slow axie enters Last Stand, it’s possible for that opportunity to go to waste if there are several other axies that will act before it.

Last Stand Formula

As a quick disclaimer, the formula presented here is compiled and calculated by the Axie community and by no means “official''. The two things considered whether an axie enters Last Stand or not are the Excess Damage and Morale Modifier. Basically, if the morale modifier is greater than the excess damage, the axie will have a higher chance to enter Last Stand. Let’s discuss these factors even further.

To calculate Excess Damage, you have to subtract the amount of damage fatally dealt (damage that depleted the axie’s HP to zero) to an axie vs its remaining health. For example, 160 damage was dealt to an axie with 125 HP remaining, giving you an Excess Damage of 35. (160-125 = 35)

To calculate the Morale Modifier, you have to multiply the axie’s remaining HP by its Morale stat, and divide it by 100. Let’s use a Beast axie below as an example since they’re the class with the highest possible morale stat. So let’s say the remaining HP is 125 and our Beast axie has 61 morale. Our formula will be something like this: (125 x 61)/100. That leaves us with the Morale Modifier value of 76.25

Morale, Crit, and Last Stand

Using the examples above, we have the following values:

* Excess Damage: 35

* Morale Modifier: 76.25

Since our Morale Modifier is greater than the Excess Damage, our axie will have a greater chance of entering Last Stand! Okay, here’s another example - using an Aquatic axie with a morale of 35, remaining health of 30, and dealt with a 120 fatal damage. Here are our sample values:

* Excess Damage: 90 (120 - 30)

* Morale Modifier: 10.5 ([30 x 35] / 100)

Morale, Crit, and Last Stand

As you can see, this axie has a very low chance of triggering Last Stand primarily due to its very low Morale stat value (35) and high excess damage - both affecting the Morale Modifier value. For our final example, let’s use the same aquatic axie above but this time, with a higher remaining HP at 115, dealt with 120 fatal damage. Here are our values:

* Excess Damage: 5 (120 - 115)

* Morale Modifier: 40.25 ([115 x 35] /100)

As you can see, the morale modifier this time is higher than the excess damage so that means that this axie will be more likely to enter Last Stand. The morale modifier isn’t that exceptional still since the sample axie’s morale is terribly low but at least, the chances are still higher.

Last Stand Strategies

Since ability usage also removes a “tick” from the last stand gauge, you might also consider the cards you’re going to play even if the axie with the Last Stand acts first. For example, you have an axie with two ticks that’s going to act first. You can use two abilities or a single combo before the axie expires. Any additional skill cards of that axie will be discarded once the axie gets knocked out so playing cards in excess of the Last Stand’s duration is a waste of precious energy.

Last Stand is not only used for offensive purposes. Since an axie in Last Stand is still considered as an active unit, enemy axies can still target it and even act as a decoy as long as it has enough ticks. That said, avoid attacking the enemy axies on Last Stand status. Even more, avoid using full combo attacks when there’s an opposing axie on Last Stand if you’re not sure whether that axie will be targeted first or if it will expire before your full combo is activated.

This concludes our Morale, Critical Hit, and Last Stand Guide for Axie Infinity. For more Axie Infinity content, please check out our other pages within this guide.

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