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How to be an Axie Scholar

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How to be an Axie Scholar

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Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn game where players use a team of creatures called Axies in battling other players or clearing adventure stages. Players can earn SLP which can be converted to Ethereum, and finally, exchanged to real money should they wish to. In this guide, we will cover how the Scholarship system works in Axie Infinity.

Axie Infinity is not accessible to everyone, primarily because of the amount of capital needed to get started. At the same time, even players who can afford to get started in the game might end up having not enough time to play the game themselves. This is where Axie scholarship comes in. This is an unofficial system where a manager/owner provides a starting axie team to another player and takes a cut from that player’s earnings. This is also a good avenue for potential owners to try out the game’s environment without shelling out any money for initial investment.
How to be an Axie Scholar

As we’ve mentioned above, this is not an official arrangement in the game. So, the developer and their support team can’t help with whatever problems that arise between the player and manager; meaning, issues must be sorted amongst themselves. That’s why the relationship between a player and manager is based on trust. Both parties must be aware of the risks involved for trusting another party especially in an online space. We will discuss this system in detail below.

What is an Axie Scholarship?

The manager is a player who owns extra axies that they can lend to potential scholars who will play the game in their behalf. The earnings are usually divided to 50/50, 60/40, or 70/30 - depending on the agreement between the manager and scholar. The type of payment can also be arranged but the usual form of income shared is via the in-game currency SLP.
So for example, in a 60/40 arrangement, if a scholar earns 1000 SLP in a given period, 600 will go to the manager while the scholar keeps 400 SLP. The scholar also needs his/her own Ronin wallet where the manager can transfer the scholar’s share. This is entirely separate from what the manager will create in association with the Axie account.

Once accepted, a scholar will receive the following:
1. A starter team composed of three axies. The manager will decide which axies to lend.
2. Manager or guild providing the necessary assistance and education to the scholar about the game.
3. Tips and best practices for earning more SLP.
4. Regular community and technical support.

Depending on the arrangement, the scholar is expected to earn a quota of SLP in a certain period. Since the manager has direct control over the earnings and axies, it’s very easy (and frustratingly common) for scummy managers to cut off from their scholars directly.

On the other hand, there’s minimal risk on the manager’s side if ever a scholar becomes a renegade - as long as he didn’t provide any vita security information and keys. The scholar who has access only to the game account (and not the game account’s wallet details) won’t be able to sell axies or cash in the currency in the wallet without approving the transaction to the game account’s corresponding Ronin wallet.

How to become a Scholar

To become a scholar, you have to know first if there are managers or guilds with open scholarship slots. If they do, contact them and let them know that you’re interested. Similar to real job screenings, managers need to know if you’re the right player to take care of their passive investments so there might be competitions, filling up of forms, interviews, etc. If you land on an agreement with a manager, that’s already a start! Follow their instructions on how to set up your wallet, how to receive your share, what is expected of you, etc.

Where can you find open Scholarships?

You can try checking out the following:
* Official Axie Infinity Discord
* Axie Infinity Facebook groups (you should try joining a local Axie FB group)
* Axie Infinity Subreddit
* YouTubers and Content Creators for Axie Infinity

As an aspiring scholar, you have to prove that you’ll be worth their investment. You don’t have to be excessively good with the game since some managers only require their scholars to meet a quota. But then again, your Axie scholarship experience will depend on several human factors.

This concludes our guide for Axie Infinity’s scholarship system. For more Axie Infinity content, please check out our other pages within this guide.

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