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Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn game where players use a team of creatures called Axies in battling other players or clearing adventure stages. Players can earn SLP which can be converted to Ethereum, and finally, exchanged to real money should they wish to. In our Axie Infinity PVP Guide, we will discuss some pointers and strategies to increase your chances of winning against other players via PVP

Axie Infinity’s PVP mode is called the Arena. This is where you have the chance to fight Axie teams owned by other players. While the core combat mechanics remain the same in the Arena, there are significant differences that you should familiarize yourself with, especially if you’re a newbie or a returning player.

For a long while, players can earn SLP even when just playing in Adventure mode so Arena just seemed to be an optional method of earning additional SLPs. However, due to the recent major version update, players no longer have the capability to earn SLP in Adventure mode; they even removed the chance of earning SLP through Daily Quests (which originally included winning 5 Arena matches daily). This leaves the current player base no choice but to tackle the Arena - as the sole method of earning SLP in the game (for now hopefully).

That said, if you’re not a fan of PVP, or having a hard time winning matches, then you may consider reading forth to learn more. Arena is even more competitive and challenging than ever so let’s discuss some tips and strategies to increase your chances of winning.

Arena Basics

If you’re a veteran player or if you’re familiar with the game’s Arena Mechanics, you can skip to the next section. Otherwise, we recommend to stay put and read on.

In the Arena, the winning player will earn SLP and some MMR (Matchmaking Ranking/Rating). Losing players will not earn any SLP and lose some MMR points as well. MMR is a value assigned to players to calculate their skill level. This will also allow the system to pair-up players within the same MMR bracket, intending to match players with the same skill level.

Take note that your Axie’s level will not matter in Arena. Even if you’ve grinded in Adventure Mode, all axies participating in an Arena match will be on equal levels. This is quite understandable since everyone should be playing on even ground. However, that’s only true to some extent since the main factors - the Axies themselves, can make or break your Arena experience.
Axie PvP Guide

While we’re on the topic, let’s make a quick overview of why the “quality” of axies significantly in Arena battles. We’re all aware that to be able to play Axie, you’ll need to shell out money to purchase your first three Axies (or land in a scholarship). Obviously, higher-quality/top-tier Axies (combat-wise) will cost more than your “floor” or dirt cheap ones. The force driving the price primarily lies on the axies’ parts or abilities. An axie with outstanding abilities and combo potential are usually sought-after. That very first step matters since while it is possible to “play” the game with cheap axies, you’re sure to have a hard time winning against other players with more expensive and better teams. This is especially true as these type of players and teams dominate the Arena nowadays.

Next, like in any other games, there are some elements of RNG or randomness that will directly affect combat. The best example is Crit (Critical), which only triggers by chance. A Crit damage will deal significantly higher damage, even capable of one-shotting an axie at full or high HP. Another random factor is the ability cards that you’ll be pulling from your deck. It’s possible to draw skill cards that you can’t use for the current and few following turns. On the other hand, it’s also possible to get the much-coveted combo cards exactly when you need them.

That said, to increase your chances of winning in PvP, you’ll need a team of above-average and reliable axies, as well as the know-how on the game’s mechanics and strategies to use against other players.

Arena Tips

Here are some general tips and strategies to help increase your chances of winning in PVP Matches.

1. Familiarize yourself with the Axie types and weaknesses.
Similar to Pokemon, there’s a type mechanic where an axie can deal more damage (“super effective”) or less damage (“not very effective”) depending on the attacker’s and defender’s types. You can refer to the chart below for more information.
Axie PvP Guide

Basically, one group will deal or receive 15% more damage to another group. Axies belonging to the same group won’t have this damage multiplier applied to their attacks. The three groups are:
Group 1
Group 2
Group 3

So for example, for an aquatic axie:
* Deals 15% more damage against Beast, Bug, or Mechs
* Deals 15% less damage (or takes 15% more damage from) to Reptile, Plant, and Dusk
* Takes 15% more damage when attacked by Reptile, Plant, and Dusk axies

The 15% damage or damage reduction bonus will significantly affect the flow of combat. Adjust your strategy based on this mechanic as needed.

2. Positioning Matters
Positioning is very important in arena battles since by default, axies will attack a target that’s closest to them. Not only that, axies have roles based on their type. For example, Plant-type axies have a lot of HP and defense but are incredibly slow. That said, they’re perfect in the frontline position to act as a tank and protect its teammates. Additionally, your backline axies are the main damaging units that sweep the enemy team and win matches. However, they’re called glass cannons for a reason. They deal the highest damage but they’ll die fast if not protected. Putting them in the mid or front line will just make them a liability since they’ll die frequently before they can reliably deal damage.
Axie PvP Guide

3. Try to execute Combos
Combo cards will vary per axie, depending on the parts equipped to them. Combo cards are usually subpar when used as standalone cards but when used together, they’ll have boosted effects like increased damage or increased utility.

We’ll use the most common combo card: Nut Crack and Nut Throw. Each card only has 105 damage but will deal 120% more damage when comboed with another “Nut Cracker” card. Since both are Nut Cracker cards, they’ll deal 126 damage each when used together.
There are several combos to try but since ability cards depend on the parts attached to axies, you’re really at the mercy of the axies that you have.
Axie PvP Guide

4. Manage your Energy
Energy is needed to play an ability card. Most cards will require 1 energy to play them, while other cards have 0 energy cost. At the start of the battle, players gain 3 energy, and will receive 2 energy per turn. Players can only store up to 10 energy at a time.

That said, energy management is a crucial aspect of combat. Sometimes, it’s better to pass a turn to store up energy (and draw additional cards) so you can execute a full combo. Combos are incredibly useful and powerful so usually, players will pass a turn to gain enough energy before unleashing a full combo that can take out an axie in a single turn without giving a chance to recover.
Axie PvP Guide

Now imagine, if you attack twice, you’ll be left with 0 energy and an enemy axie that’s somewhat damaged. If you attacked a tank and just grazed off its shield, then you just wasted energy as the other player can re-apply a new shield layer while keeping his/her energy expenditure to a minimum.

5. Read your opposing Axies’ parts and cards once the match starts.
Once a match starts, you can click on the opponent’s axies to see their parts or ability cards. This will give you an insight about their possible attack patterns and combos.Take note that the opponent can also see your axies’ abilities so consider that they’ll have a plan to counter your own combos or play attempts.

It’s quite challenging for a beginner to predict the opponent’s game plan. It will also take a lot more experience to identify the enemies’ cards just by looking at the parts attached to their axies.
Axie PvP Guide

6. Energy Manipulating Cards
There’s another set of ability cards that can directly affect the flow of energy to both players. Cards like Vegetal Bite, Bug Signal, and Night Steal allow players to steal 1 energy from their opponents. Some cards like Tail Slap and Luna Absorb are 0 energy cost abilities that give the player 1 energy. Having these abilities accessible to your party can turn the tide of battle if used at the right time.

As for the strategy involved, it’s similar to the tip we gave above - reading / anticipating your opponent’s card. Obviously, it’s a bad move to try gaining energy using these cards when an opponent is raring to steal it. At the same time, using the Steal Energy cards on an opponent with 0 energy isn’t ideal either. As you play more, you’ll gain the necessary “hunch” to tell if an opponent is going to use an energy steal card or not.

7. Be familiar with the Buffs and Debuffs
The game has a few buffs and tons of different debuffs. Being familiar with these status effects will make it easier for you to know what nasty effects to prepare for after reading your opponents’ ability cards, and even plan around them. Please refer to our dedicated page for the complete list of buffs and debuffs in the game.

8. Familiarize yourself with various game mechanics and calculations
Not everyone is a fan of math and formulas. However, if you want to be serious with the game’s Arena mode, you have to get involved with some form of game calculations. You don’t need to memorize them by heart but you have to be familiar with how certain mechanics and calculations work in the game, to some degree. Certain mechanics like Counter, Critical, Last Stand, etc have some in-depth gears at play in the background so at least knowing the basics of these features will go a long way in your Arena career.

This concludes our PVP Guide for Axie Infinity. For more Axie Infinity content, please check out our other pages within this guide.

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