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How to Download and Play (PC)

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How to Download and Play (PC)

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Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn game where players use a team of creatures called Axies in battling other players or clearing adventure stages. Players can earn SLP which can be converted to Ethereum, and finally, exchanged to real money should they wish to. In our guide, we will provide a quick tutorial on how to download and play Axie Infinity on the PC.

For most (free) video games, you only need to find the legitimate download link, download the launcher, and install the application from there. Since Axie Infinity has cryptocurrency and money involved, you’ll need to complete additional steps first prior to downloading and installing the game itself. If you’re a scholar and have the manager’s (axie owner) credentials, you can skip to the steps below. Otherwise, kindly check the links on the steps we provided below.
1. Create a Ronin Wallet
2. Purchase Axies
3. Set up a Game Account

In this page, we will discuss the fourth step: downloading and playing the game. First, access the game’s official download link. Click the link under Desktop that says Download Mavis Hub.
How to Download and Play (PC)

After downloading, extract the installer and run it. This will open a login window. Enter the email address and password for your Game Account then click the “click to verify” button. Use the slider to complete the image then click log in to open the launcher.
How to Download and Play (PC)
In the next window, click the Axie Infinity tab on the left, then click Install. In the next window, review the location where the game will be installed. If you want to change the installation location, click Edit. Otherwise, hit Start Install. Wait for the installation to finish.
How to Download and Play (PC)

Once done, hit Play and you’ll be taken to the actual game screen. Axie infinity isn’t really a resource extensive game so you can access the Settings by clicking the gear icon in the lower-right corner, then toggle the fullscreen settings off. You can also set it to a smaller window like 1176 x664 so you can open and view other windows like resource pages or articles that you can easily refer to when playing the game. The Mavis Hub launcher will remain open but you don’t need it open anyway so you can close it or minimize it while playing.
How to Download and Play (PC)

Congratulations! You have successfully installed the game! If you already have a team of axies, you can try the Adventure mode first to get the feel of the combat and know your axies’ abilities and combos more. We suggest tackling only the Arena once you have enough experience. In case you have purchased axies and they’re not showing in your My Axies window, make sure to click the Sync Axie button, exit out of the window, and click the menu again.
How to Download and Play (PC)

This concludes our guide for downloading and installing Axie Infinity on the PC. For more Axie Infinity content, please check out our other pages within this guide.

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