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Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn game where players use a team of creatures called Axies in battling other players or clearing adventure stages. Players can earn SLP which can be converted to Ethereum, and finally, exchanged to real money should they wish to. In this short guide, we will discuss the Purity system in Axie Infinity.

What is Purity?

Purity is determined if the parts attached to an axie match its class. So for example, a Plant axie with 6 plant parts is a 6/6 “Pure” axie. Purity affects an axie’s maximum base stats, better synergy of ability cards, and more predictable offspring results in breeding.

Example of a 6/6 Pure Bird axie

Example of a 6/6 Pure Bird axie

Max Base Stats

In the table below, you’ll find the maximum possible stats for pure axies. The highest stat value is capped at 61.

Class HP SPD SKL Morale
Aquatic 45 57 35 27
Beast 31 41 31 61
Bird 27 61 35 41
Bug 41 31 35 57
Plant 61 31 31 41
Reptile 57 41 31 35

Benefits of Pure Axies

Pure-bred axies have several significant advantages over their hybrid counterparts, such as:

Purity Damage Bonus

Axies that use their own ability cards get +10% attack bonus.

Higher Max Stats

Only pure-bred axies can reach their highest possible stat values. Adding parts that are different from the axie’s class automatically makes it a hybrid and locks out the axie from reaching its potential since parts are permanent. As a recap, each part provides a stat bonus to the axie but the stats that will be boosted will depend on the part’s class. So for example, bird parts add +3 SPD, +1 Morale to an axie while bug parts add +3 Morale, +1 HP.

A pure Plant axie will have a stat value of 61 on its HP stat, allowing it to have the highest HP possible. This applies to a Pure Bird with the highest speed, and a Pure Beast with the highest Morale.

Predictable Breeding Results

Down the line, if you decide to breed your axies, pure-bred axies will provide more predictable and Pure offspring when bred together. There’s a 33% chance of getting a secret class axie (Dusk, Dawn,or Mech). This goes a long way if you’ll eventually want to breed your own axies.


So are pure-bred axies overall better than hybrids? No, not entirely. There are ability cards from different parts that synergize well with each other. Outside breeding and a few stat points, pure-breds and hybrids are not far apart in terms of performance and reliability.

This concludes our guide for Axie Infinity’s Purity feature. For more Axie Infinity content, please check out our other pages within this guide.

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