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An Elmwood Trail Walkthrough and Guide

An Elmwood Trail - Crime Story Guide

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An Elmwood Trail is a new Episodic mystery thriller game from Techyonic. With a similar style to the popular Duskwood, An Elmwood trial leads you through the story of the disappearance of 18 year old Zoey Lonard in the small town of Riverstone. Our guide is An Elmwood Trail walkthrough of all of the scenes in the game, we've tried to make it as spoiler free as possible.

As a private detective you have been warned off the case, but now a mystery informant has pressured you into take it on anyway. You are sent the girls phone, a crucial starting point and through talking to her friends and family and solving begin to piece together the truth about the last night she was seen.

Elmwood Trail Walkthrough and Guide
Elmwood Trail Walkthrough and Guide

This guide will give a walkthrough of the various puzzles and events in the game that you need to complete. If there are and question that you still have for the game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

Episode 1 of the game is out now and Episode 2 is coming soon. We will update and add to the guide as new episodes become available.

If you know the game well, check out our answers page, and see if you can answer some of the questions left by other players about the game.

An Elmwood Trail Walkthrough

An Elmwood Trail is a dectective investigation story where you will be collecting clues and chatting with suspects to solve a missing person mystery.

At certain points in the story as you have questioned those involved and uncovered information you will need to Connect the relevant clues together. At these points you will be present with a list of 6 statements and you need to match up pairs to unlock your next objective.

The matching pairs for each of these are shown below.

There will also be a task to Select events in the order they happened. This is a similar puzzle and is included below. For this you just need to tap the statements in the correct order.

Connect the Clues - First Set

Lilly said Zoey went straight to the party

Zoey's parents and Betty Said that Zoey went to Lily's place.

Where was Zoey last spotted?

Who was the last person Zoey interacted with?

Who was organizing this party?

Betty doesn't want us to know more about the party.

Connect the Clues - Second Set

Only way to get Kyle's number is through his girlfriend.

Betty runs a website and spams everyone about her merch.

Someone knew Mike likes Zoey and waited for the right moment to snap the photo.

The photo and note were sent anonymously.

Zoey and Brad had a terrible Fight.

Zoey had left the party and was sitting alone outside.

Connect the Clues - Third Set

Brad and Zoey fight amidst the pool party.

Brad's dare to spoil Zoey's dress.

Lily was at the party and didn't want us to know about it.

Photo of Lily being pushed by someone into the pool

Zoey was clearly affected and very upset according to what Mike said.

Kyle called Zoey and Brad's fight a minor argument.

Select the events in the order they happened

  1. Zoey leaves Lily's place for the Party.
  2. Drinks, games along the poolside with Betty Kyle and Brad.
  3. Someone spills a drink over Zoey's dress on Brad's dare.
  4. Rajan trespasses and is knocked down by Kyle and other guys.
  5. Lily arrives to get Rajan when some girl pushes her into the pool.
  6. Zoey escapes outside feeling devastated because of brad and everything else.
  7. Mike approaches her on the porchbut ends up imposing his feelings for her in his car.
  8. Zoey pushes Mike and walks out away from the worst night of her life. She later calls Zac around 11pm

Connect the Clues - Fourth Set

The number Zoey tried to give her brother is of a car wash that required some sort of a code.

The car wash membership code was retrieved from Vault8.

Zoey received a red envelope with a strange symbol.

The Vault8 website also had that strange symbol.

Lake Isle in Elmwood Forest was Zoey's favorite spot to go.

Vault8 seems to talk about a city and a forest with lake.

Connect the Clues - Fifth Set

Brad and his friends denied being involved in anything and are planning something at his place.

Brad Kyle and Betty are definitely hiding something suspicious.

Attempt to wipe Zoey's phone data through a trojan file sent in the group chat.

Brad's group knows that we have Zoey's phone and don't want us to find something on it.

Zoey's bracelet was found near the lake.

The strange symbol that Zoey had received is on Vault8 and now also the crumpled paper Kevin sent us.


This completes the first part of our Elmwood Trail walkthrough. We helped we managed to help you make the right decisions in the game.

Next you'll need to tackle the data recovery puzzles, if these are proving hard, then our data recovery puzzles walkthrough will help you out.

Also of interest, could be how to find a way to the vault in Vault8, how to unlcok Zoey's diary pages, and how to unlock Zoey's phone.


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