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Find a way to the Vault in Vault8

An Elmwood Trail - Crime Story Guide
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As you progress through the story in An Elmwood Trail you will discover clues that lead you to If you have not yet found these clues then keep playing first until you get a clue to a phone number to call.

Once you reach this point you will be confronted with a mini text game (inside this larger text game) which asks you to Find a way to the Vault.

This is a guide for the first vault8 challenge in Episode 1. If you have reached Episode 2 then the guide for that Vault8 challenge is at:

Vault8 - Light a Fire

The goal is to make choices to direct the play until you reach a vault and can enter it. At this point you will receive a code that you then need to move on. Below you can also see what to do with the code once you have it if you want to reveal that information.

Find the Vault

While there may be more than one way to get through the text adventure the responses below will prove successful for you:

- Forest Trail

- Along the Path

- Hide behind the old tree

- Take the Key

- Distract it

- City Road

- Poorly Lit

- Turn around and confront them

- Wait and look around

- Check it out

- Go down inside

- Left

- Yes (you have the key).

You have now unlocked the vault and will be given the code.



What to do with the code

Now that you have the code, you need to use it. If you previously used the phone number you found to call the Car Wash then yo would have head the recorded message and perhaps tried some of the choices there.

Return to your phone and call the car wash again (3164212) then select option 3 followed by option 2 to enter your membership number.

Enter the code found above and you will be thanked for joining. The call will then hang up.

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