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A Siren in the Mist is the third side trail chapter added to An Elmwood Trail. The side trails are separate cases that you can investigate as detective Adam Lane. In each of the chapters you will be presented with information and need to investigate people and places in the same was as the main story. Uncover the evidence to discover the truth in each case.

This walkthrough with assist you with the main elements of the side trail as you work through the puzzles and evidence. You can follow the conversations and story yourself then refer to the hints and tips below if you get stuck.

Side Trail 3 - A Siren in the Mist Walkthrough

You are contacted by someone called Chloe who has information about an old missing child case in Riverstone that they believe is related to the main case you are working on.

You are sent a case file for Ethan Callaway who disappeared in 1989 and a clue - Do Everything Opposite.

Decrypt the case file

This is another puzzle to move the grey squares in the grid, the method is the same as in the previous side trails.

Move the squares to the highlighted positions on the grid.

Task - Find the newspaper website

The newspaper is called Riverstone Daily


Visit the site in the browser app on Adam's Phone. Then follow the link to check the archives.

Enter the date for the newspaper report - from the conversation it was 3 days after he disappeared.


Dec 26 1989

Deduction 1



  • Could Ethans case be related to Zoey - Possible
  • The newspaper article mentioned a book about - Callaway Family
  • What should I look into next? - The Book

Task - Find the Book store number

The newspaper report mentions the book store that sells the book. Find the details for the store

Solution: The store advertises in the paper every Saturday. The article was on a Tuesday, change the date in the newspaper archives to Dec 23rd (Saturday) to see an advert with the phone number.



Call the number from the phone app to then get the website address


Go to the website in the browser app and then find the book:

Non-fiction > Arthur Clark > The Great Callaway Dynasty

Collect 3 clues from the book.

Talk to Chloe again to get another file to download

Decrypt the file 2

This is another puzzle to repeat the same process as before.

You will get details and a contact number for Alice Callaway

Deduction 2

  • Something about the book was off..

    The rubbed off name

  • There was a mention of a family flower, what could it mean?

    Something important

  • Alice is the only one who can answer everything


Task - Message Alice

Task - Call Alice

Dial 7321447 on the Phone app.

Message - when you hear the siren, keep walking with your eyes open and when the mist surrounds you you must stop and wait.

Task - Visit Alice

Press the button at the bottom when you are ready to visit Alice.

You will then start a mini game where you choose to walk by tapping the button on the left and to close or open your eyes on the right.

Follow the instructions remembering what you were told earlier.



To complete this you need to do the OPPOSITE of the instructions as instructed by Chloe at the start of the chapter.

Walk forwards.

When you hear the siren (singing) stop and close your eyes.

After getting the prompt to RUN you will arrive at a barn. Find and tap on a paper on the floor to find the explanation. Tap on the flashing section to find 3 clues so that you can continue.

Deduction 3

  • The reason behind the disappearances over 34 years ago

    The Callaway Family

  • Why did Alice end her life?

    Conscience and guilt

  • Once thing didn't make sense: the family flower. Why did Alice mention it?

    It must mean something

Task - Tell Chloe everything

Tell her your findings and find out the rest of the story

Deduction 4

  • Why did Chloe hide the truth about her being Ethan's sister?

    She blames herself

  • What did Alice mean in the note by losing the family flower? Losing Chloe
  • Could this case still have something to do with Zoey?


This completes Side Trail 3 - A Siren in the Mist.

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