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After receiving Zoey's phone in An Elmwood Trail you will see that there is a diary app with locked pages. As you progress through the story you will reach objectives to unlock the various pages and find more information to guide your investigation.

Each page will contain a code entry to enter a word or words and above it a clue to guide you to find the code. Below are the solutions for each page to help you unlock them .

Episode 2 Diary Pages

Zoey's Dairy Pages Episode 2

Page 1

"I pedal down the streets,

racing wind so bold and swift."

"Been using it forever,

it was the one and perfect gift."

Hint: The clue is about a bike, check the photos for one of a bike.



The text says: From mom

Page 2

"I can let time be free,

watch it fly away like a bird."

"Or I can freeze it into moments,

while its hands spell out a word."

Hints: For this one the clue indicates photos (frozen moment), time, and hands showing a word.



Check the photos in the Gallery on Zoey's phone. There are 4 together with a clock in them. Note the hands on the clocks to get the letters: LIVE

Page 3

"Memories captured and shared,

but it's the hearts that they seek."

"Visit me and when you do,

read the firsts of what I speak."

Hint: The clue refers to images posted for likes. Check the Pixabowl account for a post by Zoey. The text is the clue



The first letter of each word - ALWAYS

Page 4

"Where I always find myself,

in times of blue and in times of gray."

"Not many visit this cursed place,

that screams the words: stay away."

Hint: Zoey likes to spend time in the Elmwood forest. Check the browser on Adams Phone for information about Riverstone and the Forest.



In the page 'About Riverstone' is a photo of a tree with a signpost. The sign said Lake Isle but now says Stay Away. The word needed is 'ISLE'

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This wraps up the section on how to unlock Zoey's diary pages. The next thing you may need help with is how to unlock Zoe's phone.

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