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Symmetry Mini Game in An Elmwood Trail
Symmetry Mini Game in An Elmwood Trail

Symmetry is a mini gamer that has been added to An Elmwood Trail as a fun little time filler while we wait for Episode 3 to be released. Following an update this mini game can now be played within the game itsef.

Where to find Symmetry

To play the game of symmetry just open Elmwood Trail and navigate to the home screen on Zoey's Phone. You should now see the icon for Symmetry.

Symmetry Mini Game

How to play Symmetry

The game is simple. You will see 2 sets of colored blocks separated by a dashed line.

On one side will be a grid which you can move the blocks around in, while on the other side will be a pattern of blocks that you cannot move.

Symmetry Mini Game

Move the blocks on the grid 1 square at a time, and arrange them to corm a mirror image of the pattern on the other side.

You will have a limited number of moves for each level, this is shown at the top center.

When you complete a level you will score points based on the number of moves you had left. Your total score is shown in blue in the top left.

Symmetry Mini Game

If you run out of moves you can start the level again or watch an advert for more moves.

Starting again will cost you a life, lives are shown by the hearts in the top left. When you run out of lives you can watch an advert for an extra life. Or get one for free is you have purchased the full game. You will also get a free life added every 30 minutes as shown by the timer on the top left.

Symmetry Mini Game

Match the patterns and try to score as many points as you can. Let us know below how well you have managed to do and if you like this extra puzzle from Elmwood Trail.

Symmetry Mini Game

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