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This is a guide to help you unlock Zoey's phone while playing An Elmwood Trail. During the investigation when you are trying to get information from Brad and his friends you will down load a file that then tries to delete the data from the phone.

Paul, the AI assistant will lock the phone to prevent damage but you need to then answer 3 questions to let you regain access. Below are the 3 questions with hints on how to answer them, as well as solutions if you get stuck.

Question 1

I'll never forget the answer to the Quizigits Final Round question that cost us the whole tournament.

You need a 3 digit number.

Hint: Zoey was in the tournament in a team with Lily and Rajan. You should be able to message Rajan from Adam's Phone to ask about it.




Question 2

The location is my voice. But what is my code.

Hints: First you need to head Zoey's voice. Check the case report on the desk for her contact number and then call it to hear a recorded message, this gives you a clue to the location.

Next chat to Lily to ask about meeting Zoey. She will give a location and clue to a secret code.

Use the button to enter the code of dots and dashes. (short and long)



The code is: . - .. . .. ...

Question 3

I've always dreamed of attending this college.

From chatting with Zoey's Mom (Emma) earlier you will have gained this information.

The college name is



Question 4

A path to a murky place that tells a ghostly tale.

A old tree and a lake, all bridged by __ _______ _____

Hint: this is a word puzzle to fill in the blanks with the available letters. You can count the blanks to get an idea of the words that cold fit, and look at the letters to also work out possible words.

The answer though is relevant to the game itself.



An Elmwood Trail

The phone is now unlocked again and you can return to the messages to see the gloating.


Now you have successfully unlocked Zoey's phone, the next section you may like some help with is how to find a way to the vault in Vault8.

If you want to see how we unlocked Zoey's diary pages, then this page of our guide is the one to head to.

If you plan to start over with different decisions, then head back to the first part of our An Elmwood Trail walkthrough to see our suggestions.

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