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Silent Scream is the second side trail chapter added to An Elmwood Trail. The side trails are separate cases that you can investigate as detective Adam Lane. They are individual stories that are not part of the main plot.

In each of the chapters you will be presented with information and need to investigate people and places in the same was as the main story. Uncover the evidence to discover the truth in each case.

This walkthrough with assist you with the main elements of the side trail as you work through the puzzles and evidence. You can follow the conversations and story yourself then refer to the hints and tips below if you get stuck.

Side Trail 2 - Silent Scream Walkthrough

The story begins with messages from Sarah, a woman who believes she has an unknown person living in her house. This seems unlikely but she pays a large amount of money to you to get hte investigation started.

Return to the conversation after the monety arrives and she will send you details about herself. Check the Files area of the Side Trail menu to find this.

Decrypt the file

As with the previous Side Trail, the files in thins chapter need to be decrypted by completing a puzzle. The puzzles are the same here. You need to move the grey suqares around the grid using the arrows on the edges.

  • Tapping an arrow will move all squares in the adjacent row or column.
  • Squares will wrap over to the opposite location if moved off the grid.
  • i.e. a square on the top left will move to the top right if you tap the Left arrow next to it.
  • Place the grey squares onto the marked locations to complete the puzzle.

Once the file is opened read about Sarah Fischer.

Find more info on the building where Sarah Lives

Go to the Browser app on Adam's phone and enter the address for the apartment building -

You can then enter the Floor to find out who else lives there.


Floor 3

You have a list of names and the options to contact them.

Talk to Andrew, he will give you some information on Sarah and some other things that have been happening at the building. You will also get a partial phone number for Riverstone High, where Sarah used to work.

Change to the Phone app and try calling the number. It is missing a digit from the end but you can make out what it is likely to be

Dial number :



You will connect to a phone menu and need to enter numbers to navigate

3: general enquries

2: Chat with us.

After this the line will hang up but you can go to the messaging app and you will be able to chat to Riverstone High. Ask about Sarah and you will get the contact details for Julia to talk privately.

This will let you discover the reason for Sarah leaving the job at the school.

Deduction 1

Select the most approrpriate answer to the 3 questions to continue.




She Got Fired

Need to be cautious

Return to the chat with Sarah and continue, you will learn about Sherry, Sarah's sister.

Go to the Connections section of the Side Trail and select the new entry for Sherry. A file will be downloaded.

Decrypt the file

Repeat the process to solve the grid puzzle.

Once done you will get an image of Sherry's whispertap, a code cypher.

Return to the conversation with Sarah and you will be shown a photo of the TV show that is being watched, you will also notice some text written on a whiteboard.

After the conversation examine the photo. You will be prompted with the text:

In my name it resides, a puzzle shrouded deep. Digits concealed, and the secrets they keep.

This is a clue to an number that you need to enter at the bottom of the screen. You need to get numbers (digits) from a name.



Use the position of letters in the alphabet and translate SARAH => 19 1 18 1 8

This will start a new chat with the Unknown number. THe number is online but does not respond.

Deduction 2



Something else

The intruder's

They're hiding something

After this you will receive an audio file from the unknown number. Return to the messaging app and listen to it.

You hear a sequence of taps for a code. Listen carefully, there are 2 noises used similar to Morse Code.

You can respond but they will go offline.

Decode the audio clip

Go to the Connection section of the side trail to see the whispertap code cipher and compare this to the audio clip. The 2 symbols used in the code represent the 2 sounds in the clip. You can then type the Answer at the top.




Return to the conversation with Sarah. After talking Sarah will ask you to quit. But you will then get a message from the unknown number.

Go to the phone app and dial the number to head a message from the real Sarah. Now you need to find her blog.

Find the Blog

To find the blog you need to work out the web address.

  • We know that Sarah writes under the pen name 'sarahmysk'
  • We have a clue from the code send in the audio clip.
  • Go to the web browser app and enter the address



Blog association

Read the entries in the blog and then chose the rods to associate with the 2 names.

1. A Day In My Life


Sarah: night | blitz troubled

Sherry: day | apples | forgetful

2: Plans of Escape


Sarah: trapped | 911 | scared

Sherry: free | locked door | controlling

3: Unveiling My Past


Sarah: vulnerable | distraught | lasagna

Sherry: protective | confident | bread



Sarah: timid | aware | victim

Sherry: dominant | unaware | alter

You will receive the number for Dr. Grey. Tap this to start a conversation.

Deduction 3


Childhood Trauma

Split Personality

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Return to the conversation with Dr. Grey. THe Doctor will go to help Sarah.

Deduction 4

The answers for the final deduction are:




That completes Side Trail 2 - Silent Scream

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