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The first clue you get in An Elmwood Trail is the phone of the missing girl, Zoey. This will have a lot of information on it but also some lost or deleted data that you need to retrieve.

At certain points in the story you will be able to complete a mini game to recover some of the lost data from the phone. These mini games will be puzzles that you need to solve.

Below if a description of the Puzzles and the methods you need to use to solve them.

If you have any questions about specific puzzles please head to the Answers Page.

First Puzzle

Data Recovery Puzzles Walkthrough

  • This is a 4x4 number grid. You will see that some numbers are not in the correct places.
  • Select pairs of numbers to swap their positions. You need to move them until they are all white and in the correct places.
  • You have a limited number of moves to complete this.



Swap them in the following order: 1<>5 | 8<>14 | 8<>10 | 8<>6 | 8<>7

Second Puzzle

Data Recovery Puzzles Walkthrough

For this puzzle you need to highlight all of the squares on the grid that do not have an X in them. Tapping a square will toggle it on/off and also those in a particular direction of it shown by an arrow, but you will not see the arrow direction until you tap it.

The arrow on each button will change between 2 different directions (and off) with each tap.



Data Recovery Puzzles Walkthrough

Third Puzzle

Data Recovery Puzzles Walkthrough

For the 3rd puzzle you will have 3 circles that you can tap to change the numbers in them. Below these is a button. When you tap the button it will make a calculation based on the 3 numbers and produce the result above.

The method of making the calculation is hidden, you need to test it out and work out the method being used so that you can select the correct numbers.



The numbers needed are 27 3 10

27 x 3 -10 = 71

Forth Puzzle

Data Recovery Puzzles Walkthrough

This is a lights out style puzzle where you need to change all the squares to grey, clearing and of the black squares.

Tapping any square will toggle if from empty to black but also change those to the left, right, above and below it.



  • Start by tapping the 4 corners. you will end up with a figure 8 layout.
  • Then tap the left Geey square inside the top loop of the 8, and also the left Grey square in the bottom loop of the 8.
  • You then have 2 "+" symbols that you can clear by tapping the center square of each.

Zoey's Phone Walkthrough

How to unlock Zoey's phone

Zoey's Diary Pages Walkthrough

How to unlock the pages in Zoey's diary


This completes our data recovery puzzles walkthrough for An Elmwood Trail.

Next you may like some help with how to unlcok Zoey's diary pages.

Also of interest could be how to unlock Zoey's phone and how to find a way to the vault in Vault8.

If you plan to start over with different decisions, then head back to the first part of our An Elmwood Trail walkthrough to see our suggestions.

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