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As you progress through the story of Episode 2 in An Elmwood Trail you will be contacted by Riverstone carwash with a riddle to solve. When you do you can go to the vault8 site again on Adam's Phone and this time enter a new puzzle at:

Light a Fire

The text adventure style mini game asks you to make choices to progress though. This is more complicated than the tasks in Episode 1 and can take some time to navigate through. There can be more than one way to work though all of the steps but below we have some guides to help.

The main goals of the mini game are as follows:

  • Find your way to a camp.
  • Visit the riverside and the swamp and get through 4 small tasks to obtain 4 items.
  • Go back to the house.

If you find any better ways to complete the tasks, please let us know in the comments below.

Find the camp

You are in the forest. Two paths lay in front of you. Which one do you choose?

Follow these choices to reach the camp:

  • Woods
  • Go around it
  • Blue Flag
  • The other way
    • You have reached the camp. Where do you go next?

      - Both locations have 2 Stages to complete, we continued in this order:

      Swamps - Stage: Silence

      Vault8 - Light a Fire

      You need to avoid making noise.

      • Long Route
      • Crawl under it
      • Stay Still
      • Road
      • Abandoned Car
      • Look around
      • Manually open the trunk

      You find an oil lamp and can go back to the Camp

      Riverside - Stage: Maze

      If you have sound on listen to the direction of the whispering.

      • Left
      • Right
      • Right
      • Left
      • Right
      • Left
      • Right
      • Left

      You found a piece of Cloth go back to the camp.

      Riverside - Stage: Memory

      You answers here may depend on choices you have made earlier.

      • Rose
      • Raven
      • Snake
      • Hammer
      • Lightning
      • Blue

      You found a piece of Wood, back to camp.

      Swamps - Stage: Conundrum

      You need to answer 7 questions. Some answers are only explained after you have answered the question. The following will complete the stage.

      1. Back
      2. Door
      3. Moon
      4. Sword
      5. 7163
      6. Air
      7. White

      You found matchsticks. Go back to the camp.

      Reach the house

      Now back up to the first choice of the game. It will say: You are in the Forest. Two paths lay in front of you. Which one do you choose?

      • Cave
      • Climb Down

      Vault8 - Light a Fire

      You have reached the house. Do you have a fire?

      You have a fire after collecting the items at the camp. You can chose Yes.

      You have entered the house. You can now join the meeting.

      Continue with the main walkthrough for Episode 2.

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