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Puzzle 11: Fixing the Statue

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Puzzle 11: Fixing the Statue

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The eleventh puzzle in Virtual Villagers Origins 2 is Fixing the Statue and to complete this puzzle you need to get all four statues assembled and craft colored glass for each. Check out our Puzzle 11: Fixing the Statue guide to find out how to do this.

Blue Statue

Begin by bringing water from the Crafting Hut to the fire in order to reveal diamond and then bring it to the statue. Use Jump Potion to bring ruby to the statue and use the chief villager to draw some plans and build the green statue (this is not one of the main ones).

1) Diamond
- water

2) Red Ruby
- jumping potion (this is made by combining something concentrated and wind)

3) Build Green Statue
- Chief Villager will help you do this.

4) Blue Glass
- blue butterfly
- blueberry

Red Statue

Prepare and eat the Hearty soup from water, hot stone and 3 herbs: spicy, soupy and sweet. You then need to build the Clothing Hut and wait for a box of braids to appear in the ocean on the south. Bring the braids to the Clothing Hut and fix them.

Once you have managed to do this you need to gather flowers from the pollinated bush which is on the right side of the Kraken statue. Then bring flowered braids to the tree. You now need to bring a child villager to the red crab on the south shore to start capturing and bring one adult to finish the task. This will remove moss from the stone on the left river bank. Bring that stone to the statue. The final thing you need to do is craft Red Glass.

1) Hearty Soup
- two herbs
- water
- heated pot
- villagers need to eat it

2) Decorated Tree
- pollinated flowers
- assembled clothing hut
- child villager
- master builder villager

3) Cleaned Stone
- master gatherer villager
- clean moss stone
- take the cleaned stone to the statue

4) Red Glass
- red butterfly
- strawberry

Yellow Statue

Begin by collecting 3 necklace pieces, you can find one from the day-2 daily chest, one from the cracks after day-5, and another one from the cracks after day-10. Once you have all three necklace pieces drag an adult villager to a shelf on the right of the dining table to combine the pieces.

Then bring it to the statue place. Keep opening cracks so a golden pan appears on the south-west shore of the river after day-7 and then use it to pan for gold. Once you have found some gold bring it to the anvil. Repeat several times.

Use Forge Bucket from the Crafting Hut to forge a golden nugget. If you now draw up some plans and enlighten 2 builders by making them read the science board they will simultaneously work on the statue and complete it.

1) Necklace
- collect 3 necklace pieces

2) Golden Nugget
- master gatherer villager
- find the golden pan
- craft forge bucket
- villager needs to forge a golden nugget

3) Yellow Glass
- Sulphur

Once all three statues have been completed the puzzle has been solved and you will be able to collect your Lavastones reward from the 'Puzzle's' screen.

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