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Crafting Recipes List

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An important part of Virtual Villagers - Origins 2 is crafting, and an accurate Crafting Recipes List comes in really handy when you need to know how to make certain items.

You can craft items by searching the island and combining various things. Check out our Crafting Recipes List below to find out exactly what you can make and what ingredients you need.

How to Craft

Knowing how to craft in Virtual Villagers Origins 2 is essential for game progression as it will allow you to solve the various puzzles the game throws at you. Before you can craft however you must complete Puzzle #3: Crafting the Hut, once this puzzle which requires that you build a crafting hut has been solved you will be able to gather resources from around the island and take them there to make additional resources by combining the ingredients you found. This process will enable you to complete additional puzzles, or alternately they can be used for trading. Keep in mind that only adults can extract the resources. Children though can be used to help gather fruits from the garden. Check out our Crafting Recipes List to find out exactly what you can expect to make by combining different ingredients.

Crafting Table
Crafting Table

Under 1 Hour

Soft Pot (1 min 15 sec):
Clay and Hot Oven

Rope (5 min):
Vine and Vine

Antidote (5 min):
Poison and Magic

Dust (10 min):
Earth and Air

Mixed Herb (10 min):
Grass and Wheat Grass

Steam (10 min):
Air and Water

Ash (45 min):
Fire and Dust

Stone (45 min):
Lava and Water

Clay (45 min):
Red Earth and Water

Energy (45 min):
Air and Fire

Holiday Light (45 min):
Glass and Firefly

Oil (45 min):
Coat and Water

Silk (45 min):
Web and Web

2 Hours

Metal (2 Hours):
Stone and Fire

Bacteria (2 Hours):
Algae and Water

Clay Brick (2 Hours):
Clay and Fire

Potion (2 Hours):
Magic and Water

Up to 1 Day

Fertilizer (4 Hours):
Mixed Herb and Earth

Flour (4 Hours):
Wheat and Stone

Fine Powder (5 Hours):
Charcoal and Salt Peter

Paste (5 Hours):
Dust and Oil

Cement (8 Hours):
Stone and Clay

Glass (8 Hours):
Sand and also Fire

Dough (8 Hours):
Flour and Water

Limestone (8 Hours):
Seashell and Stone

Magic Concentrate (8 Hours):
Magic and Magic

Worm (8 Hours):
Fertilizer and Bacteria

Jumping and (10 Hours):
Magic Concentrate and Air

Forge Bucket (10 Hours):
Ceramic and Clay

Planting Soil (10 Hours):
Red Earth and Moss

Hardened Glass (10 Hours):
Glass and Glass

Clay Pot (10 Hours):
Soft Pot and Fire

Boom Powder (10 Hours):
Fine Powder and Sulfur

Boom Stick (10 Hours):
Boom Powder and Bamboo

Unpolished Mirror (10 Hours):
Hardened Glass and Clay

Red Paint (10 Hours):
Paste and Rose

Blue Paint (10 Hours):
Paste and Blueberry

Green Paint (10 Hours):
Paste and Moss

Ceramic (12 Hours):
Limestone and also Cement

Mini Eggs (12 Hours):
Bacteria and Pond Water

Sulfur (12 Hours):
Fertilizer and Limestone

Green Butterfly (24 Hours):
Mixed Herb and Worm

Orange Butterfly (24 Hours):
Orange and Worm

Blue Butterfly (24 Hours):
Blueberry and Worm

Red Butterfly (24 Hours):
Strawberry and Worm

Up to 2 Days

Red Glass (48 Hours):
Red Butterfly and Glass

Blue Glass (48 Hours):
Blue Butterfly and Glass

Yellow Glass (48 Hours):
Sulfur and Glass

Ore (48 Hours):
Lava and Earth

Check out our guide on Where to get Resources to help you find all of the raw ingredients you need to craft recipes.

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