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Puzzle 8: Clay Hut

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Puzzle 8: Clay Hut

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The eighth puzzle in Virtual Villagers Origins 2 is solved by constructing a clay hut which enables you to increase the maximum amount of villagers you can have. Check out our Puzzle 8: Clay Hut guide to find out how you construct this building.

To complete the puzzle you will need:

- Master builder
- 12 clay bricks
- Crafting tech: level 3
- Construction tech: level 3

Although solving this puzzle is simple it is one of the more difficult ones to complete in terms of fulfilling the prerequisites which in this case is making 12 clay bricks.

The first thing you need to do is bring 12 clay bricks to the foundation of the Clay Hut so you can build it. Clay is made from red earth and water and takes 45 minutes. The actual clay brick requires upgraded tech and is made from clay and fire, and takes 2 hours. It is important that you bring the clay bricks one at a time. If you make a pile of bricks while waiting to upgrade your construction tech and give them to two or three builders at once, you will lose some of the clay bricks.

Use a master gatherer to move the clay bricks to the foundations of the Clay Hut. Once you have all 12 bricks there drag a master builder to the Clay Hut so they can begin assembling it. You will need to do this twice as your master builder will only be able to work with 6 clay bricks at a time.

Once the Clay hut has been assembled the puzzle is solved and you will be able to go to the 'Puzzles' screen and collect your 3 Lavastones.

If you are having trouble completing Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Puzzle 8: Clay Hut, or need anything answered about VVO 2, please send in a question.

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