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Puzzle 9: Antidote

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Puzzle 9: Antidote

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The ninth puzzle in Virtual Villagers Origins 2 is solved by poisoning the pond when it rains so you are able to make an antidote and cure the pond. Check out our Puzzle 9: Antidote guide to find out how this is achieved.

To complete the puzzle you will need:

- Puzzle 3
- 2 adult villagers
- 1 child villager
- Crafting tech: level 2
- Mini eggs
- Magic

The first thing you need to do is drag two adult villagers to one of the tentacles of the Kraken statue so they lift it up. While the tentacle is lifted up you need to drag a child villager to take the pile of sticks that are underneath.
Puzzle 9: Antidote
Puzzle 9: Antidote

The child will then take the nest to the pond which is at the bottom right corner of the island and make a nest. Craft mini eggs at the Crafting Hut by combining bacteria and pond water, this takes 12 hours.

Now send a villager to the Crafting Hut bring to get the mini eggs that you crafted and place them in the nest the child villager created. After about 5 minutes the eggs will begin to hatch. When it then rains the pond will be filled with water. You now need to drag an adult villager to the pond to gather poison from the nest.

The adult villager you use will become poisoned when they carry out this task and can be used as an opportunity to train or develop a healer. If you use a child villager to gather the poison they will not become poisoned. Meanwhile the pond will become green preventing the villagers from collecting the pond water.

You now need to make the antidote by combining the poison and magic together, this takes 5 minutes. Then when it rains next you have to send your adult villager to the Crafting Hut to get the antidote so they bring it to the pond and cure it.

Once you have done this the puzzle has been solved and you can go to the 'Puzzles' screen and collect the reward of 3 Lavastones.

If you are having trouble completing Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Puzzle 9: Antidote, or need anything answered about VVO 2, please send in a question.

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