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Puzzle 6: The Garden

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Puzzle 6: The Garden

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The sixth puzzle in Virtual Villagers Origins 2 is unlocking the garden which is required to gain access to rhubarb, strawberry, and blueberry which you will need for creating the rhubarb pie in puzzle 7 and the colored glass in puzzle 11. Check out our VVO 2 Puzzle 6: The Garden guide to find out how you solve it by planting some seeds to grow a tree and a garden.

To complete the puzzle you will need:

- Puzzle 3
- Master farmer
- Farming tech: level 2
- Crafting tech: level 1
- 3 fertilizers
- Child villager

Start by getting a master farmer to take the apple seed laying on the ground beneath the tree near the Crafting Hut that withered in puzzle 3 to the garden.

The master farmer will plant it at the garden and the seed will soak up all the water in a couple of hours. Once the garden has dried out you need to send a child villager there to get an apple from the tree. If you now send another (or the same) child to the garden they will play in it and also clean it up at the same time.

Now drag an adult villager to the seed bag which can be found to the right of the water buckets at the research station. Repeat this three times so they get seeds to plant strawberry, rhubarb, and blueberry at the garden.

You now need to send an adult villager three times to the Crafting Hut so they get one fertilizer per seed. Once fertilized the seeds will start growing, the process takes 2-3 hours each to complete.

After growing you just need to send your villager to the garden to gather all the fruit and the puzzle is solved. All you need to do now is go to the 'Puzzles' screen and collect your 3 Lavastones.

If you are having trouble completing Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Puzzle 6: The Garden, or need anything answered about VVO 2, please send in a question.

Our Virtual Villagers Origins 2 walkthrough continues with our Puzzle 7: Rhubarb Pie Guide.

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