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Virtual Villagers Origins 2 is a strategy simulation game on PC and mobile devices where you build a village, grow your tribe, and survive on the beautiful island of Isola. The island has gone to ruin and to return it to its former glory you must solve the island's mysteries which are in the form of puzzles. This will involve training villagers to become proficient at various skills so they are able to perform tasks around the island. Check out our Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Cheats and Tips below to get off to a great start in the game.

Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Cheats and Tips

Know your Villagers

Learn more about each of your villagers, such as age, health, and skills, by going to the 'Details' screen. If you tap the circle to the left of a skill you will be able to set a skill preference. These are Farming, Healing, Building, Research, and Gathering. Once you set a villager skill preference they will prefer this type of work and gain skill the more they practice.

Making Babies

In order for villagers to make babies they must be at least 18 years old. Children will not be able to work until they reach the age of 14. The game does not take into account families ties, so your villager can have babies with his parents, siblings, or his own children if they are 18. If you activate the 'auto-breeding' option from the 'Skill' menu, the villager will constantly try to have babies with all the adults available. If it's a woman, she will have babies with all the adult males of the village. If it's a man, he will constantly try to have babies with all the women who don't already have babies. Once an adult villager reaches 40 years of age they will start to experience difficulties having babies.

Explore the Island

It is important that you constantly explore the island as doing so will unlock various things which will help you to solve the puzzles. Keep in mind that the island is always changing and different weathers may unlock different things.

Increase Research

In order to develop game progression it is important that you research so you are constantly upgrading the various technologies. As research skills improve you gain tech points that can be spent like money on new technologies. Tech points can be used to buy any of the technologies listed below.

- Research

Advancement in research will allow your villagers to gain tech point faster from researching.

- Farming

Advancement in farming allows the completion of new puzzle steps, and villagers will be able to obtain food from new sources other than the coconut tree.

- Medicine

Advancement in medicine will reduce the frequency of disease on the island and increase villager longevity.

- Construction

Advancement in construction will allow your builders to solve more complex problems and construct new types of buildings.

- Crafting

Advancement in crafting allows your villagers to craft metal, oil, and clay bricks.

The more villagers you have doing research the more Tech points you earn. To help speed up production you can save up gems from watching ads and buy up to three totems from the store.

Coconut Tree

The coconut tree is not a limitless source of food and will eventually stop providing fruits, when this happens you will have to wait a period of time before it provides again. In the meantime you will be forced to find other ways to survive. You can make this easier by only having one farmer at the beginning of the game and by holding back from making too many children. If you are really desperate for food during this time you can forage for mushrooms. Keep an eye out for special events where participating will either reward you with food or make the coconut tree produce fruits again.

Prevent Starvation

Unlock fishing as soon as you have the required farming tech as this is the most important, unlimited food source in the game. Once unlocked you will never have to worry about your villagers dying from starvation.

Healing Villagers from Poisonous Frogs

One of the dangers on the island of Isola is the sickness caused by poisonous frogs. The only way to cure the villagers from this illness is to increase your Healing Skill by healing sick villagers. The poisonous frogs can be killed by child villagers.

Prevent Aging

The health of your villager will slowly decrease with age until they eventually die. Although this cannot be avoided, it can be slowed down by improving Medicine tech.

Login Daily

Virtual Villagers Origins 2 is a true, real-time game. Your villager continues to do what they learned even when the game is off or you stop playing. Remember to check back often to take care of your little villagers. The longer you forget to check the game the bigger will be the damages upon your villagers as well as the time for them to recover.

Puzzle Solutions

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Virtual Villagers Origins 2 FAQs

We have 212 questions and 154 answers for Virtual Villagers Origins 2. View Them

How do I get the hearty stew. I have water in my resources and I have collected the two herbs needed but how do I get the water into the pot and how do I heat it up as none of my villagers seem interested in filling the pot or getting the hot rocks for it

If you mean the soup, then you actually need three herbs. One by the red earth, one by the hut to the right of the statue, and one to the left of the freed kraken. Then drop a villager on the pile of rocks by the fire, they will put it under the pot. Then drop a villager on the crafting hut and you should be able to get the water. It takes two hours to finish. ... + 2 More Answers

How to solve heat wave in survival mode?

Once I had levelled up to Research level 2, my chief could draw up plans about a Rain dance. I then tried taking 4 villagers to the Kraken pedestals again, and this time they got up on them, and prayed. But the first villager had already finished by the time I got the fourth up on a pedestal, so I had to keep putting them up on the pedestals several times, before the Kraken was enough satisfied to stop the heat wave. However, presumably there was something about it which I still need to improve, because the little text window which appeared, basically said that the praying hadn't been good enough to also grant the villagers with some rain. ... + 2 More Answers

How do you unlock Fishing?

When you reach Level 3 Farming tech in Virtual Villagers Origins 2 your villagers will be able to catch fish in the ocean when there is no debris left floating around. You can make your villagers catch fish by dragging them to the ocean, sometimes they will catch crab.

What is the ingredients for the Fire Concoction in Survival mode? I don't seem able to proceed in the game without using one, but can't find any hints about what I need to use. Does it involve a requirement about that I need to have reached a certain Research level to be able to craft it? It's going to take ages to figure out, if I'm just going to have to randomly try mixing the various available ingredients. If it then is one of those which requires mixing several things in several steps... Considering that some things takes 24, or even 48, hours to create in the Crafting Hut, I would really appreciate some help.

Fire & oil is what you need to make the fire concoction. Also make 3 cements by mixing clay & stone. You will need the cement for day 4 acid rain. Have a master builder collect the cement to fortify the buildings 3 times. ... + 1 More Answers

How to find or catch the butterflies?

Children or adults can catch them. They are they little yellow things floating through the air. Just put them down in front of one and it will carry it to the crafting shack.

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I like it a lot but you have to get a ridiculous amount of tech to increase the trades just to the 2nd level I dread to think what the further levels will cost. Can’t slow the game down for more events as I only have one villager left. Need to make this game more budget friendly. I’m already thinking of throwing ..

2.5 / 5.0

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