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There are loads of things you can craft in VVO 2, but to do that you need resources. Here is our handy Resources List of everything that you can get on the island and where to find it, or what to do to get it. These are the ingredients that you need to craft items that can be found on our Crafting Recipes List.

Only adults can extract these items. Children though can be used to help gather fruits from the garden. These Island resources can be combined to craft other resources. Check out our Crafting Recipes List to find out what these are

South of the fire pit.
Drag an adult south of the crafting house (where earth and cactus are).
Drag an adult to the patch of yellow grass south of the cave.
Needle Grass
Left of the big tree at the east of the island (where reeds is).
Drag an adult south of the crafting house (where sand and cactus are).
Red Earth
South of the memorial area for deceased villagers (northeast of island, near spider web).
Beside the Kraken (where black orchid and rose are).
Drag an adult on the buckets on the right of the research area.
Pond Water
A pond will fill during rainy weather at the south east of the island.
North West of the island (near the wheatgrass).
Left of the big tree at the east of the island (where needle grass is).
At the mouth of the waterfall.
Beside the whale bones.
Either pick up pieces of burnt wood near the fire when it appear, or drag an adult to the dry wood pile on the left of the research area then pick up the pieces of burnt wood.
Drag an adult to the mini typhoon where the fire pit is (when the typhoon appears).
Drag an adult into the cave.
Use adept gatherer, master builder, or perfect villager to find charcoal in the cave.
Use a rope to the cracks when it and an adult will go down and extract it.
Spider Web
At the memorial area for deaceased villagers (northeast of island, near red earth).
In between built hut and water wheel.
Red Wood
Drag an adult to the tree that is in the middle of the cave and big boulder.
Drag an adult south of the crafting house (where earth and sand are).
Black Orchid
Beside the Kraken (where cotton and rose are).
Beside the Kraken (where cotton and black orchid are).
Tiger Lily
South of the Kraken.
In the garden only after you have planted the seeds and fertilised the land, together with strawberries and rhubarb.
In the tree only after the apple seed (beside the dead tree) has been planted.
Left of first hut.
Vine 1
Beside algae at the top left of island.
Vine 2
On the right of 1st vine.
Vine 3
At the left entrance of the cave.
Vine 4
At the stairs on the right of the island.
On the rocks in the east of the island (beside the garden).
Drag an adult or child on the flying bugs with light.
Salt Peter
Drag an adult to the part where the water rocks coincide at the bottom left of the village (on the left to the stream).
Only after the nest and mini eggs have been put at the rainwater pond. The pond water will be green. Drag a child villager to the mini eggs/snakes to get the poison. Note: child villager may be poisoned after getting the poison, so use a healer.

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