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Puzzle 2: Mural

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Puzzle 2: Mural

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The second puzzle in the second chapter of Virtual Villagers Origins 2 is is Mural and to solve this puzzle you have to create a mural in the town center. Check out out Mural guide to find out how this is done.

To complete the puzzle you will need:

- Master Builders
- Master Researcher
- Level 5 Crafting
- Level 4 Research

To begin with you need to drag master builders five times to the pile of rubble which is above the ruins of the Kraken statue that was destroyed at the end of Chapter 1 - Puzzle 12: Destroying the Kraken. You then need to have a master researcher draw plans. Once that has been done you have to drag a master builder to the big boulder to draw a mural.

To be able to draw the mural you will need paint which you get by mixing paste which is a created by combining oil and dust together with rose, blueberry, and moss in order to make red, blue, and green paint which you will need to use all three on the mural.

- Paste = Oil + Dust
- Red Paint = Rose + Paste
- Blue Paint = Blueberries + Paste
- Green Paint = Moss + Paste

This will complete the mural and you can then go to the 'Puzzles' screen and collect the reward of 3 Lavastones.

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