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Puzzle 9: Observatory

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Puzzle 9: Observatory

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You're nearly at the end of the puzzles of VVO 2, in in this ninth puzzle of chapter 2 you need to repair the Observatory. Find out below how to solve Puzzle 9: Observatory to find out what the procedure is to get the solution.

To complete the puzzle you will need:

- Master Builder
- Master Scientist
- Level 4 Research
- Bamboo
- Whale Bones

To begin with you need to make a saw, this requires a master scientist and level 4 research. Once the saw has been made have a master scientist look for two whale bones in the whale skeleton pond and take them to the crafting bench. When the two whale bones are at the crafting bench drag a builder onto the saw you made so that he can cut the tree trunk to make it lighter. Now have two adult villagers carry the logs up to the observatory that needs to be repaired which can be found at the top of the map.

You now need to have a master scientist draw up plans for the framing of the observatory. Drop a master builder on the Crafting Hut and select 'Bamboo' and then take it to the observatory so a frame can be created. This needs to be done three times. Drop two adult villagers on the sun and moon statues so they carry them to the observatory.

You now need to craft an unpolished mirror at the Crafting Hut. Drag a master scientist onto the Crafting Hut and select the unpolished mirror. Then have the master scientist take it up to the observatory. At the observatory drop the master scientist on the mirror so they polish it, then drop them again so they affix it to the log.

Drag the master scientist on to the the trunk which is above the oven so they make a wooden cog from it, and then take it to the observatory. If you now drop a master builder on the observatory they will complete the repairs. When you now drop a master scientist on the observatory they will research. This will complete the puzzle and you will be able to go to the 'Puzzles' screen and collect the reward of 3 Lavastones.

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