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Here our our top tips and strategy for players of Tears of Themis

How to get Stellis and level up materials
In order to progress through the game's content, you will want to improve your characters by upgrading them, evolving them, and more. Having a proper daily task can help you out with getting most rewards that are available in the game. In order to acquire Stellis, as well as other materials for getting stronger, you can complete the following tasks daily:

Complete Temple and Trials of Themis each day

Complete your Business Consults and Operational Assessments each day

Claim your Resource Requisitions, make sure that they aren't maxed out

Go to the shop and use your friendship coins and event coins

It would be best as well if you save your materials for cards that you'll be using in the long term. Having SR and SSR ones will be better. Do not waste materials on R cards since they might not be worth it. Remember that making resources will take up time.

How to use your Oracle properly
There are instances in the game where you'll have different SSR cards, and SR cards in your deck. In order to become stronger, you will have to level them up using Oracle. SSR cards are the rarest, and they cost more oracle in order to reach level 100.

Whenever you have materials that you can use in order to reach 100, you can use these same materials to level up to 6 SR cards to 70. You will want the most influence possible in as you progress through the game, so you will want to have a balanced team. It would be best for you to use your Oracle gradually, and check the attack bonuses it can provide. You can level up your SSR cards bit by bit and check if it will help you progress.

Take note though that your overall damage can be increased if you have a lot of SR cards at level 70 as well. Not only that, but you also gain S-Chips and affection points, so it's entirely up to you. If your long term plan is to have a SSR team then it would be best to use your Oracle for that, and just use them on SR cards if it can help you with your progression.

How to use Affection Points properly
Affection Points, or AP, is something that you receive as you bond with a character in the game. You can gain AP by leveling up, and it gradually recovers as well, and the points that you can get can be used for items. AP can work as a currency, and you can use it at the Friendship Coin shop, as well as the Event Coin Shop.

Since AP recovers, it would be best for you to never to let it max out at 100/100. Check the Friendship Coin Shop and Event Coin Shop to see if there are items that may be useful for you. Once you have the items that are needed, you can then use your AP on other things. With the gradual recovery of AP, you should then be able to use them on different items, and you'll be able to get more depending on how much characters you have.

Which Banner should you pull from first?
When starting out in Tears of Themis, new players are provided an exclusive first-time banner that has a guaranteed SSR character. It would be best for you to do the first 30 pulls from this one since the SSR is guaranteed here.

Other banners in the game may have a featured character, but they're not guaranteed. You will want a SSR character if you want to progress through the main story since they have better stats. You have the option to reroll however, but this can take some time since you will have to need a new account each time, and you will have to go through the game's tutorial and introduction multiple times.

What kinds of currencies are there in the game?
Like a lot of current mobile games, Tears of Themis also features different kinds of currency that you can use for the different available features. There are currencies used for summoning, then there are ones that you can use as premium. The following list provides each currency and the areas that you can use them on.

Friendship Badges: These can be received through your friends. With enough friendship badges, you can check the shop's exchange section and use it for different items.

Gems: Premium currency that is obtained by purchasing with real money, you can use gems and exchange them to S-Chips.

Gift I and Gift II: These are items that you can get from duplicate characters, you can check the shop and use the exchange feature to use up the gifts.

S-chips: Currency that can be obtained from first clears, as well as from gems. You can then use them and convert it to tears, special tears, or AP.

Stellin: Currency that you can use in order to enhance (level up) your cards so they can be stronger.

Tears: Currency used in order to obtain Visions. Visions are the cards in Tears of Themis, and you can get rarities ranging from R, SR, and SSR.

Which skills are best to focus on?
In order to progress through the game's story, your cards should have good influence in order to defeat opponents. There are different stats in the game that will determine the outcome of a match. You will want to have high attack in order to take out opponents, and then just enough defense in order to survive.

In Tears of Themis, Influence determines how much attack you have while Defense will reduce the effects of your opponent's influence. If you want to continue with the game's chapters and finish them, you will want to focus on skills that will affect all of your cards. This includes increasing influence for them, since they will all be affected. You can then focus on defense, only if you have difficulties with staying alive.

Raising just enough defense will be helpful, then focusing on your influence can help out in later stages. As you progress, raise influence accordingly and then balance out with defense later. You can then save up on skills later as needed.

Best way to use Tears
Aside from getting your first SSR when beginning in the game, there are different banners available that you can use your tears on in order to get visions (cards). There aren't many characters yet in the game, and there's a variation of card arts available. In order to know the best way to use Tears, you should know how each one works.

1. Permanent Banners: As the name implies, permanent banners have set characters that you can pull by chance and they will be always available in this banner. If you have a character that you want, check the permanent banner information to see if they're available.

2. Exclusive Banner: These are cards that have characters available for a limited time, and they are not added to the permanent banner yet. Eventually, they can be added to the permanent banner later on, but you will have to wait for quite a while for that to happen.

3. Limited Rate Up Banner: These are banners that have featured characters. You can pull them from the permanent banner as well, but the featured characters have a higher rate of getting them. This is useful if you have a character that you actually like.

So, if you are saving Tears in advance, it would be best to use them only on banners where you really like a character. Exclusive banners won't be there forever, so if you like a character then then you can use it as well. If there's a character that you want from the permanent banner, then it would be good to wait until there's a Limited-Up banner event that can feature them, this way you will have higher chances of the pull.

Which item is the best you can use your Wishing Coins (or any event coin) on?
Whenever there are shop items or event items that have currencies that you can use them on, you will want to check each if they can be farmed or not. Some items in the game can be acquired with the features available, and some can be exclusive or perhaps they are hard to find.
For example, there are items such as Mind Stars which cannot be farmed. Mind Stars are items that are used in order for upgrading your cards, and they can only be obtained at the exchange shop. If you want to have strong characters, then you'll want to get these. Here are the different Mind Star types available in the game:

Mind Star I: Upgrades R cards

Mind Star II: Upgrades SR Cards

Mind Star III: Upgrades SSR Cards

Check each item available to see which is most valuable for you. Take note that if you have event coins, make sure that they are traded within the event period, or else you might lose out on your chance.

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