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Tears of Themis Beginner's Guide (part 1)

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Tears of Themis Beginner's Guide (part 1)

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As the rookie attorney at the law firm, it will be up to you to pursue for the truth in the story of Tears of Themis. You might find that there are a lot of tasks that you’ll need to do, but how should you start out? There are different features you’ll have to go through, and we’re here to help you out.

Welcome to our Tears of Themis beginner’s guide! Here, we’ll be providing you with the first part of our beginner’s guide with the basic tips and tricks in order to help start your career as an attorney. Learn about how debates are done, and which features of the game you’ll be looking forward to. So, let’s get started!

Play through the game’s tutorial first

When starting out in the game, you’ll be going through the tutorial which will include elements of the story from the very beginning. You are able to skip this, however you might miss out on different story elements, as well as some basics of the game. It would be best for you to go through the story first.

Once you’re able to complete the game’s tutorial, you can claim your mailbox rewards and get your first 10 pulls which will provide your first SR pull. You can do this by checking the “Visions” section and then pulling from the permanent banner.

Finish the tutorial and pull your first SR card
Finish the tutorial and pull your first SR card

After getting the card, you should then start out by playing through the game’s story in order to get acquainted. The stories in Tears of Themis are episodic in nature, and you will be able to learn about things such as gathering evidence, as well as debates.

Learn about the gameplay through the first episode

You were given a very basic premise of the gameplay through the tutorial; however, you should practice this more by playing through the episodes of the game. The story of the game can be accessed through the X-Note section of the main screen.

Play through the story through the X-Note section
Play through the story through the X-Note section

Read the text: Since Tears of Themis is a game that requires you to solve cases, it would be best for you to avoid skipping any of the dialogues in the game and make sure that you are reading them. You will be getting a case on the first episode where you’ll have to help out a client.

Gather Evidence: One of the main aspects of the game is for you to gather evidence throughout the story. Thankfully, in your first episode, you’ll be guided through this process. Tapping on certain areas of the game will enable you to get what you need before you can proceed further. Always make sure to check your surroundings, since the items that you’ll get will be important.

Defending: Your next part that you’ll have to focus in how to present your evidence in order to build up a proper defense. You will be asked to provide information as proof in order to help your client out. A list of choices will be available for you at the beginning.

Spoiler Warning: If you want to finish the first episode directly, you can choose the following evidence below on your first case.

1: Choose the insecticide 330 receipt
2: Check the surveillance video of the front door
3: Choose the water dispenser
4: Choose the audio recording of the suspect as well as the CCTV footage

Once you have completed all of these, you’ll be able to get an idea of how future episodes can occur as well. Not only will you have to present evidence, but you’ll also have to have debates with the cards you obtain similar to the ones that you have acquired through the game’s tutorial.

Remember the effectiveness triangle

Aside from gathering and presenting evidence, you will remember that you had your first debate during the game’s tutorial. You’ll be needing to use your cards and strike enemies in order to win. If you check out the cards that you currently have, you’ll notice that they have different icons available that will determine which type of card they are. In Tears of Themis, cards are provided with the following types:

  • Empathy (Red)
  • Intuition (Green)
  • Logic (Blue)

    Check the effectiveness triangle during a debate
    Check the effectiveness triangle during a debate

    Think of this similar to rock paper and scissors where one is effective over the other. You’ll be provided with tips on the loading screens at times that will provide you with a chart of the effectiveness in the game. Remember that they will be effective as follows:

  • Empathy > Intuition
  • Intuition > Logic
  • Logic > Empathy

    With these in mind, you should be able to choose which cards you have in a debate and what must be chosen in order to be more effective. Your main goal during debates is to reduce your opponent’s hit points to zero, so you will want to provide the most effective card as possible.

    Having these in mind, you will then be able to adjust accordingly and know how the game works. This concludes our first part of our beginner’s guide; we will continue with our next set of tips at our part 2 so please check our guide menu often.

    Should you have any other questions, perhaps you can check out our Answers Page and see if there are any that you’ll find useful. Feel free to leave us a comment down below as well, we’d love to hear from you!

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