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What are Legal Studies?

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What are Legal Studies?

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Progressing through the story in Tears of Themis will require improvement on your part, especially with debates. As more stages are unlocked, you’ll get to experience debates that are much difficult therefore you will want to have stronger cards. In order to become better, you will need a lot of materials.

Legal Studies is a section that you’ll find in X-Note where you can go through different kinds of debates. Upon winning, you’ll be able to get materials. Some of these legal studies can have limits on how much you can finish each day, while some require you to follow a schedule. In this page, we’ll check the different kinds of legal studies available.

How do Legal Studies work?

When playing through the different stages in Legal Studies, you will play debates and then get rewards in return. A lot of the materials that you get through legal studies are used for the improvement of your cards such as leveling them up and evolving them.

Legal Studies let you acquire materials that are used for upgrades and more
Legal Studies let you acquire materials that are used for upgrades and more

Not all Legal studies can be completed every day since there are some limitations in terms of the schedule. It would be best for you to do your legal studies daily and complete all available ones in order to maximize the materials you can acquire.

How many Legal Studies are there?

Now that you know how Legal Studies work, you’ll want to check which materials you will want to farm each day. The materials you’ll be getting will depend on which cards you currently have on hand. However, you will want to maximize farming of Stellin as well as Oracle of Justice since these affect all cards.

Here is the list of legal studies that are available, as well as their corresponding rewards. We will have pages dedicated to each of the legal studies so make sure to check them out as well.

Legal Studies
Reward Available
General currency
Oracle of Justice
Used for enhancing cards
Logic Chips
Used to evolve Logic Cards
Empathy Chips
Used to evolve Empathy Cards
Intuition Chips
Used to evolve Intuition Cards
Reasoning Techniques
Vision Chips
Used to evolve Luke Cards
Case Study
Equalization Chips
Used to evolve Artem Cards
Mind Chips
Used to evolve Vyn Cards
Infinity Chips
Used to evolve Marius Cards

We will have dedicated pages to each of the legal studies that are available so please make sure to check them out. Getting all rewards available based on the schedule will help you out in the long run since you will be able to get the items needed to make your cards stronger.

This concludes our page to what Legal Studies are, we hope this helps you learn the basics of this feature. If you have any other questions, perhaps you can check our Answers Page to see if any information there will help. Feel free to comment as well, we’d love to hear from you!

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