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Temple of Trials

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When checking the other events in Tears of Themis, you might notice that there’s another game mode aside from the Trials of Themis. In order to get more rewards and have a higher challenge, you will be able to unlock the Temple of Trials.

In this page, we’ll provide you with the basic information on what the Temple of Trials can provide, and the bonuses that you can get from completing this mode each week. If you want to test out the potential of your deck and get rewards, then this game mode is just for you.

What is Temple of Trials?

The Temple of Trials is a mode similar to the Trials of Themis. Instead of clearing short waves, you will have to go through 30 waves instead in this mode, and you will have more challenges in terms of the debates. This mode has three difficulties with Easy, Normal, and Hard, and the rewards that you get will depend on the one you have chosen. You will be experiencing encountering the following elements within the waves:

  • Debates:
  • The debates in Temple of Trials are much more challenging since they have a higher power rating. Once you are able to finish a debate here, you can get S-Chips as rewards.

  • Priests Work Payment:
  • Similar to the regular trials, you will find chests in the waves here. You can either get Stellin or Oracle of Justice II but not both since there aren’t any Trials of Athena available.

  • Themis’ Blessing:
  • The different part in the Temple of Trials in terms of waves is that you can choose to get Themis’ Blessing instead. This can provide buffs to your card’s stats such as intuition, empathy, and logic. It can also provide buffs to the different character specific cards. Since this game mode is more challenging, you might want to increase your power through this method.

    You can get buffs now from Themis' Blessing
    You can get buffs now from Themis' Blessing

    With these in mind, you will want to maximize your S-Chip reward by going through the debates, as well as increasing your buffs through blessings in order to provide the best chances of winning. As you unlock more difficulties, the buffs that you can get will be important since the bonuses can affect your stats by a huge number.

    S-Chip Rewards

    What makes the Temple of Trials different is that this is the place you’ll want to go if you want to maximize the number of S-Chips you can acquire. Depending on the difficulty that you complete, you will have a weekly cap in terms of S-Chips. Once you have completed the cap, you can rest and try on the week after.

    There is a weekly S-Chip cap based on the difficulty you have unlocked
    There is a weekly S-Chip cap based on the difficulty you have unlocked

    If you want more S-Chips, you will want to clear the higher difficulties in this mode. The difficulty stage that you complete in Trials of Themis will unlock the corresponding difficulty in Temple of Trials, as well as the S-Chip cap that is available. You can check the unlock requirements below in order to see what you can get.

    Unlocked Difficulty
    S-Chip Cap
    Trials of Themis 01-10
    Trials of Themis 01-25
    Trials of Themis 02-25
    Trials of Themis 03-25

    If you want to maximize your S-Chips each week, you will want to clear all debate stages available within the 30 waves that you will find. The AP cost of completing the stages in Temple of Trials are the save regardless of difficulty, but the total S-Chips you can acquire vary greatly. You can compare the possible S-Chips you can get below.

    S-Chips per Debate (Waves 1-29)
    S-Chips per Debate (Waves 30)
    Total S-Chips attainable

    Once you have completed stage 03-25 in the Trials of Themis, you will need to remember that your S-Chip Cap will be at 400 each week. If you want to maximize your AP usage and balance it with difficulty, you can complete Hard mode three times (375 total S-Chips) then complete the remaining 25 in Easy mode to max out your cap.

    This concludes our page regarding the Temple of Trials. Hopefully you’ll be able to improve your cards in order to get the best chances of winning your debates. We have other guides available as well about the game, so please don’t forget to check them out. If you have any questions, you can check our Answers Page for more information. You can also leave us a comment below, we’d love to hear from you!

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