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How to Redeem Gift Codes

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How to Redeem Gift Codes

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In Tears of Themis, progressing through the game’s content will require you to improve the cards that you have on your deck in order to have a better chance of succeeding in a debate. As such, you’ll want to maximize the resources that you have possible in order to upgrade your cards.

Aside from playing through the game’s story and different features, you’ll want to get items for free as much as possible, right? Tears of Themis features a gift code redemption feature, and this can help you out with your game. Items can be provided to you which can help with your account, and in this page, we’ll be checking how to get them.

Steps on how to redeem Gift Codes

In order to redeem gift codes in Tears of Themis, you’ll need to have access to an internet browser since it is done through their website. You will need to go to their official page and then press the “Gift Code” tab on the upper right side. For your convenience, you can click the link below to bring you to the page.

Gift Code Redemption Page

Tears of Themis Gift Code redemption page
Tears of Themis Gift Code redemption page

As seen in the photo, you’ll be provided with the Redeem Rules. Inputting your Gift Code will require you to log in your account on their website, then place your character name as well as the Gift Code. Once you have redeemed this, you should then be able to claim the rewards in the game through the mailbox.

Redeem Codes List

As of the moment, there are no gift codes available yet for Tears of Themis. Codes might be given out during special occasions, so we will need to stay tuned to find out if there will be new upcoming ones. We’ll update this list if we get any news for redeem codes.

How to find Gift Codes

You might be wondering where you’ll be able to find gift codes in Tears of Themis. It would be best for you to look for codes by following the official pages or channels of the game such as their social media. You can look for news regarding Tears of Themis through the following pages:

Official Website
Twitter Page
Facebook Page
Youtube Channel

This concludes our page on how to redeem codes in Tears of Themis, we hope that this information has helped you! Hopefully we’ll be getting more codes in the future in order to get more rewards. Having items that can help you progress will be useful in the long run, and redeeming gift codes is a good way to get them.

We shall also have other pages related to the game so please don’t forget to check our guide menu. If you have any other questions, you can also check out our Answers Page to see if there’s any information that you need. Leave us a comment as well, we’d love to hear from you!

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