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In Tears of Themis, you play through the game’s story and help people out in different cases. Aside from controlling the main character of the game, you’ll also get to know different male characters from the story that can be your potential love interests.

The game’s story will provide you with a specific view of each of these characters, however there’s also dedicated episodes that you’ll get to experience through their character story. In this page, we’ll check what character stories are, as well as how many stages you’ll be expecting for each of them.

How to Visit?

In order to experience the Character Stories feature, you’ll have to unlock the Visit feature from the main screen. You will have to play Episode 1 and finish stage 13 and you will be able to visit the first character, Luke. Finishing up to episode 2 will let you visit all four potential love interests. Once you have this feature enabled, you’ll have two options that you can do for each of the potential love interests:

Finish Episode 1 Stage 13
Finish Episode 1 Stage 13

  • Story: Aside from the main story that you will see through the X-Note feature, each of the potential characters in the game can be visited so you’ll learn each of their respective story. More information about the characters will be provided that you won’t see from the other main episodes.

  • Chat: In order to develop your affection for each of the characters and unlock more of their episodes, you will have to talk to them and spend your affection. Make it a part of your daily activity to talk to the characters and they will grow to like you more.

  • Character Story List

    Each of the potential love interests in the game have different story episodes that have a number of stages each. Once you unlock each of the characters available for visiting, you’ll be able to start with their 01 story and their first episode. Here’s a list of the number of stories available for each character, as well as their number of stages.

    Character Story
    Number of Stages
    Luke's Story 01
    Luke's Story 02
    Artem's Story 01
    Artem's Story 02
    Vyn's Story 01
    Vyn's Story 02
    Marius' Story 01
    Marius' Story 02

    Increase the affection of each character to unlock more episode stages
    Increase the affection of each character to unlock more episode stages

    Affection must be used each day if you want to develop your relationship with each of the characters, so don’t forget to visit them daily. Don’t forget to check our other pages as well with the game since we have information that can help out.

    If you have any questions for the game, please check out our Answers Page and see if there’s any information you can use. Feel free to leave us a comment down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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