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When playing Tears of Themis, you are offered with different game modes available. You can have options such as card collecting and choosing your strategy in debates, and there are modes that let you explore the lore of the game. One of the best ways to learn about the main character as well as the others is through playing the game’s main story.

Here, the main story of the game is called X-Note, and there are different features that you will be experiencing as you play it. In this page, we’ll provide you with the basics of what you’ll expect when playing. Let’s check what’s in store with the game’s different episodes.

Episode List

As part of the game’s tutorial, you’ll be going through the first episode of the game which will let you go through different stages. You will notice that not all stages are the same in terms of their content since they let you experience different modes aside from the story.

You will have to clear the first episode to unlock the next ones
You will have to clear the first episode to unlock the next ones

As of the moment, there are 5 episodes so far, and this can be extended as more content is added to the game. Some episodes can be split into different parts as well in case the story is longer. Here’s the list of episodes available so far, as well as how many stages are included with them.

Episode Number
Episode Name
Number of Stages
Episode 1
The Hand That Feeds
Episode 2
The Unbearable Love
Episode 3
The Weight of a Soul
Episode 4
Les Tournesols
Episode 5
Sins of Cynicism (Part 1)
Episode 5
Sins of Cynicism (Part 2)
Episode 5
Sins of Cynicism (Part 3)

Stage Types

When playing the games story, you’ll have to perform different activities as you revolve around the mystery of an episode. As the main character, it’s your role to uncover evidence, and check information in order to build up your case.

Not every stage in an episode is the same in Tears of Themis. Depending on how the episode flows, you will get a mixture of story, debate, and trial parts. Some stage types can have different elements to them. Here’s the different stage types you can expect when playing through different stages.

Each stage in an episode can have different types
Each stage in an episode can have different types

  • Story: The main types of stages that you’ll experience are story type of stages. Some of these will involve you simply reading through the game’s dialogue, while there are parts where you will have to cross check information, gather evidence, and question people. Based on the information that you have encountered so far; you will need to piece them bit by bit in order to help with your case.

  • Debate: This type of stage will involve the cards that you collect in the game. Your first debate is included in the game’s tutorial and you’ll have to choose cards each turn that will be more effective versus your opponent. As you play through more stages, your opponent’s power level will increase therefore you will need to get stronger cards in order to have better chances in winning.

  • Trial: Majority of the episodes will have a trial towards the end. Based on the information that you have acquired through the different stages, you will have to win your defense in trial by presenting evidence, and providing questions to different people. As you piece information together, you aim to win your case.

    There are also other game modes available in Tears of Themis that you can check such as improvement of your cards. Having a good daily routine for your gameplay will help you progress through the story and maximize your rewards. We will have other pages available as well so please check our guide menu.

    If you have any questions for the game, please check out our Answers Page and see if there’s any information you can use. Feel free to leave us a comment down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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