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Currency and Materials Guide

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Mobile games nowadays feature a lot of different items and currencies in them which can make things confusing especially if you’re a new player. In Tears of Themis, there are a lot if items that you can obtain as well and they have various uses. It might be overwhelming at first, but we’re here to help you learn more about them.

In this page, we’ll provide you with a basic guide to learn more about the different currencies and materials in Tears of Themis. Soon, you’ll know which items are which as well as what their purposes are. So, let’s check what’s in store for us.

What is the difference of Currency and Materials?

With so much items that are available in Tears of Themis, you might be wondering what they are as well as their purpose. Majority of the items that you’ll be able to get in Tears of Themis may be a currency or a material in general, so you might want to know what their difference is.
You can check some of your currencies on the main screen
You can check some of your currencies on the main screen

  • Currencies are items that you can get which can be used for purchasing stuff from the shop, or perhaps you use them as fees for specific functions such as leveling up your cards. Some currencies can be obtained in the game while others are premium ones that can be purchased with real money. Majority of these items can be used at the exchange shop or when getting cards through Visions.

  • Materials are items that are required for you to improve a card. Cards can be enhanced which means you can increase their level and get better stats, then once you hit the level cap for that card, you can evolve them in order to unlock a higher level cap. You need enough materials required in order for you to accomplish these.

  • Currency and Material List

    Now that you know what the difference between currencies and materials, we have assembled this list that shows you each of them as well as their general functions. The first items on the list will show you the types of currencies that are available, while the items used for enhancement and evolving are materials.

    Majority of the materials that are available can be obtained through Legal Studies, so please check our page regarding that game feature as well. In order to progress through the game, you will want to have stronger cards available.

    General currency which can be used to level up your cards. You can obtain this from quests, episodes, legal studies, events.
    Premium Currency that can be obtained with real money. You can use it to buy packs from the store, and they can also be converted to S-Chips (1 Gem = 10 S-Chips)
    High-Value Crystal Currency which can be used to buy items from the store. You can also use them to buy Tears of Themis, AP, and more.
    Tears of Themis
    Item used to obtain Visions/Cards. You can get them from completing quests, episodes, events, or using S-Chips (180 S-Chips for 1 Tears of Themis)
    Friendship Badge
    Currency obtained from friends. Sending and receiving badges in your friends list can let you use them in the exchange shop.
    Gift I
    Obtained from pulling cards if you get more than 5 copies of a single R/SR card already. (R Card = Gift I x 100, SR Card = Gift I x1000). You can use them at the exchange shop.
    Gift II
    Obtained from pulling cards if you get more than 5 copies of a single SSR card already. (SSR Card = Gift II x100). You can use them at the exchange shop.
    Oracle of Justice
    Used for enhancing cards
    Logic Chips
    Used to evolve Logic Cards
    Empathy Chips
    Used to evolve Empathy Cards
    Intuition Chips
    Used to evolve Intuition Cards
    Vision Chips
    Used to evolve Luke Cards
    Equalization Chips
    Used to evolve Artem Cards
    Mind Chips
    Used to evolve Vyn Cards
    Infinity Chips
    Used to evolve Marius Cards

    Knowing the items in Tears of Themis may be daunting at first, but soon enough you’ll be able to remember all of them. With the select cards that you have on hand, you will want to have enough currency and materials in order to make them stronger. This way, you’ll be able to handle debates with ease.

    We hope that our Currency and Materials guide has helped you with the different items available. We have other guides available as well about the game, so please don’t forget to check them out. If you have any questions, you can check our Answers Page for more information. You can also leave us a comment below, we’d love to hear from you!

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