Space Leaper: Cocoon

Upgrading your Leaper

Upgrading your Leaper
Space Leaper: Cocoon Guide


Space Leaper: Cocoon features a pleasant pixel-art universe with an interesting, furry cast of characters. With a torn universe, it’s up to you to weave the cosmos back! As the Proxy, you’ll have to manage a lot of Leapers in your roster. You also need to consistently improve your character to tackle harder challenges and earn better rewards. In our Leaper Upgrade guide, we will discuss some of the upgrades that you can apply to your Leapers.

There are four different upgrades that you can apply to your leapers. These upgrades are permanent except for the Grade (more on that later) which can be reset back to zero and also award you with the full refund of the resources spent. We will cover these upgrade options since they all work hand-in-hand in keeping your Leapers’ combat rating updated. You can view all the upgrade options available to Leapers by accessing the Leaper Files, selecting the Leaper you want to upgrade, and tapping the Improve tab in the bottom.


Grade serves as the level cap for every 10 levels. After a Leaper reaches the 10th level, you’ll need to improve the grade so you can level up the leaper even further. On top of removing the level cap, improving the grade will also provide significant stat boosts to the character as well as leveling up a skill at the same time. This is why you should always increase the grade of your main characters until you’re capped by main story progression (more details below).

Upgrading your Leaper

Increasing the Grade will require the following:

* Leaper Coins

* Recombinant Nuclide

Leaper Coins can be obtained through a variety of sources. The Recombinant Nuclide however, can be farmed from the following sources: Auto-Search (Survey), Atomic Tower, Resource Tower, Pass, and Bounty Board.

There are 10 grade levels (G to SSS). To improve the grade, you need to meet the following requirements. Please refer to the chart below for more information.

* Character reaches the max level (for the current grade)

* Complete the prior grade (no grade skipping; can’t raise a grade from F to A for example)

* Clear a specific campaign and resource survey levels.

Grade Level Cap Requirement
G 10 None; default
F 20 Complete Leaper Campaign One-09
E 30 Clear [Resource Survey] Flaming Volcano - Zone1, Floor 15
D 40 Clear [Resource Survey] Unknown Cave - Zone1, Floor 10
C 50 Clear [Resource Survey] Unknown Cave - Zone1, Floor 22
B 60 Clear [Resource Survey] Recycling Tunnel - Zone 1-Floor 30
A 70 Clear [Resource Survey] Underwater Cave - Zone 1-Floor 36
S 80 Clear [Resource Survey] Chaos Crater - Zone 1 - Floor 36
SS 90 Clear [Resource Survey] Sky Platform - Zone 1 -Floor 36
SSS 150 Clear [Resource Survey] Solar Powered Maintenance Elevator - Zone 1 - Floor 36

You can reset a character’s grade back to default (back to LV1) and get the full refund of the materials used for upgrading the character.


This is the character’s number of Stars. Whenever you get a duplicate copy of the character you already own, you’ll get their Genes instead. Once you have enough genes (usually around 50-100, depending on the Stage), you can perform a Breakthrough to move to the next Stage level. This process will provide significant stat boosts and will improve certain skills at the same time. On top of that certain skills have Stage Breakthrough bonus effects making them even more potent and effective.

Upgrading your Leaper

There are five stages in total. Some characters start at 1-star, while the highest star you can get from Leaper Search is 3-star. From there, you can upgrade the character’s stage until you fully unlock all 5-stars for that character. Once a character’s Stage is full (5-stars), then you can still use that character’s Genes to improve her Phases (see below).

Aside from duplicate copies, you can also get genes from other sources like Journey Center and Peru’s Emporium as well. Stage progression will not be affected even if you reset a character so always perform a Breakthrough whenever you can.


This is another upgrade process that will become available to Leapers who upgraded their Stages to 5-stars. Like Stage Breakthrough, each phase level provides even higher stat boosts and a skill upgrade. You’ll also get a new illustration on your first Phase upgrade. Of course, the requirements for completing this process are also not that easy to collect/achieve. Like grades, you need to follow the linear upgrade path to reach the next phase.

Upgrading your Leaper

Here are the requirements for the first Phase upgrade at least:

* Leaper must be upgraded to Stage 5

* Gene Slide (obtained whenever you summon new Leapers)

* Leaper genes

* Fusion Core (rare consumable that can be purchased only from Peru’s Emporium using Diamonds or Neutron Matter).

Micro Chain

As you increase a character’s Feeling Level, you’ll be able to unlock their connection to other characters as well. This is called Micro Chain and each character has specific characters that they’re linked into. To see this option, you must access the Leaper Files option from the main menu (character list), then select the character. Tap the “Improve” button in the lower-right corner of the screen and you should see the Micro Chain icon just above the Information section of the character screen. Tap the Micro Chain button to see the other characters the selected Leaper is connected to. Activating the connections will provide permanent buffs to the selected Leaper through the “strength of their connections”.

Upgrading your Leaper

We have a dedicated page for Micro Chains so please check that out. Basically, the higher the leaper’s Feeling Level, more connections will be unlocked. Additionally, for each connection, you can also improve the connected character to provide higher bonuses to the main leaper.

That concludes our Upgrading your Leaper Guide in Space Leaper: Cocoon. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Space Leaper: Cocoon content!

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