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Peru’s Emporium

Peru’s Emporium
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Space Leaper: Cocoon features a pleasant pixel-art universe with an interesting, furry cast of characters. With a torn universe, it’s up to you to weave the cosmos back! The game has two types of shops; an in-game shop where you can exchange various in-game currency for various items and a shop where you can use real money to purchase various digital goods. In Peru’s Emporium guide, we will briefly cover the in-game shop run by the cunning vixen herself.

You can find Peru’s Emporium on the third (last) screen. Just swipe your screen to see all the available “apps” installed and you should see Peru’s Emporium on the second row. There are different categories available, each requiring different types of currencies. In this guide, we will discuss what currencies are needed and what specific items can you get from each category.
Peru’s Emporium

I highly suggest checking out the store very often to avail some of the valuable items you can only reliably get from the Emporium. Some of the items you should consider are Particle Pills (for recruiting new Leapers), Genes (for improving the Stars of your Leapers), and Fusion Cores (for improving Leaper Phases). Once you have availed these, you can consider other important items like Gifts, and if you’re desperate for resources, the instant resource vouchers for coins, combat microchip (XP), and Recombinant Nuclide (for limit-breaking). Of course, these purchases are non-refundable!

First, you need to know the Purchase Limit. Some items have limited numbers and will be restocked on specific schedules as listed below. The times listed will depend on the server you’re in so if you’re playing from another region or location with different time zones, please adjust accordingly. Take note that the purchase limits will coincide with the game’s scheduled content reset (for example, Daily quests will reset at 5AM).
Purchase Limit
Restock Schedule
Resets at 5AM
Every Monday, at 5AM
Every 1st of each month, at 5AM


This is the standard category where you can use Diamonds only to purchase various items There are a couple of Monthly and Weekly Items but the rest have considerable daily limits. The Coin, EXP, and Recombinant Nuclide are worth the purchase only if you just need a few of such resources immediately, like for example, you only need a small amount to level up or upgrade a character. Otherwise, I strongly suggest saving your diamonds for other important purchases (like using them for Leaper Search attempts)

Analog Campaign

Analog Campaign is the game’s PvP mode so actively participating in that mode will allow you to amass Analog Campaign Coins that you can use in this category. You can exchange AC coins to get monthly-limited items like Particle Pills (for Leaper search) and Decompilation Points (Rebirthing Leapers), and daily/weekly items Psychic Potions, Journey Tickets, and Leaper Genes (for upgrading Leaper Stages / Stars).

The Leaper Genes are worth it, since you’ll get 10 genes per purchase. (you’ll need at least 50 genes for a breakthrough or stage upgrade). Genes have a weekly purchase limit and the selections might change after the weekly reset. Don’t worry since there are also other categories where you can reliably collect genes for your leapers, such as the Genes Counter, as detailed below.

Genes Counter

In this category, you can use Gene Slides to exchange for Genes to your Leapers. You can obtain Gene Slides whenever you obtain a Leaper you already own (on top of the actual Genes that you get from these duplicates) so frequently using Leaper Search whenever possible is highly encouraged so you can get both genes AND Gene Slides. The number of slides you’ll get will also depend on the rarity of the Leapers you got as duplicates:
* 3-star: 20 Gene Slides
* 2-star: 3 Gene Slides
* 1-star: 1 Gene Slide

The price of the specific Genes will increase as you exhaust the stock so buying more Genes for a specific Leaper will eventually require more Slides. Once the current stock of Genes is sold out, a new batch of Genes will be added. Additionally, unlike other shops in the game, this shop doesn’t have a scheduled reset so the only way to “refresh” it is by buying out the current inventory items.

Gene Points

Once you have maxed out a Leaper’s Stage Limit (stars), you can transform any further genes you obtain for them. That means if you receive duplicates of fully-starred Leapers, they’ll be converted to the coins needed in this category. So far there are only four items here; the most valuable ones are the Particle Pills that cost 10 coins each, and have a monthly limit of 30 purchases. The others are instant-resource rewards but like in the normal category, I’ll only suggest purchasing them once you have purchased all Particle Pills and/or if you’re really desperate for a particular resource.

Neutron Star

In this category, you can use Neutron Matter as exchange currency. This is obtained by playing through the Neutron Star mode, like winning battles or opening chests. You can exchange items like Particle Pills, Resurrection Crystals (used to resurrect characters in the Neutron Star mode only), and Fusion Cores (for improving a Leaper’s Phase). Other items that you can purchase from this shop are some Leaper Genes and Gifts (for improving the Feeling Level of Leapers).

That concludes our Peru’s Emporium Guide in Space Leaper: Cocoon. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Space Leaper: Cocoon content!

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