Space Leaper: Cocoon

Space Leaper: Cocoon Tier List

by vhaysteSep 17th 2022

In our Space Leaper: Cocoon Tier List page, we will cover which characters/units are worth considering building and investing on to help you clear the game's content.


Space Leaper: Cocoon Tier List


Please be reminded that Tier Lists are not “definite” measures of the character’s strength and potential. There are a lot of factors to be considered like the characters’ availability, their synergy with your team, their utility, equipment, etc. As such, please use our tier lists as what they’re meant to be - a guide. Use tier lists to help you decide whether you’ll want to invest resources and time to build a character. At the end of the day, it’s you who will decide which ones you’ll use based on preference and performance .


Tier List Overview

In this article, we will quickly discuss which characters to watch out for. Since the game’s fairly new with a small roster of characters. Of course, new characters will be added soon which may require updates to existing tier lists. Additionally, we also want to provide as much detail as possible for our choices, to help you decide which characters you’ll want to build and allocate resources to so we’re just going to feature the top characters we think you should get when starting the game.

Another thing to note is that most of the top-tier characters are 3-star units. However, don’t hesitate leveling up low-star characters in the beginning since you can always reset them back to their default level and get your invested upgrade materials back. You can have them as placeholder units until you can recruit more powerful units then use those refunded materials to immediately level up your new units.

The major factors that can determine a character’s combat effectiveness are their Skills and Character Gear. Each character has four skills and a character gear that’s exclusive to them. Skills can be leveled up by increasing the character’s Grade and Stage, while Character Gears can be improved by collecting upgrade materials that can be farmed from “Exclusive Arrays”, under Iridescent Array. Character Gear Skills are unlocked once the character gear reaches +16.

Each character also has five skill types:

* Basic Attack : These are the standard attacks a character performs, weak but doesn’t cost anything.

Ultra Skill

* Ultra Skill: This is the character’s most powerful attack. It can only be unleashed once the character’s gauge is full during combat and can easily significantly affect the flow of battle. After reaching Grade 10, the ultra skill will gain the [Stage Breakthrough] bonus effect that makes the skill even more potent and powerful.

* Energy Skill : This skill uses up energy to be activated; usually more powerful than basic attack but significantly weaker than the Ultra Skill.

* Talent : This is a passive skill with effects always available/active to the character. This skill can be enhanced further once the character reaches Stage 5.

* Character Gear Skill : This skill is only unlocked after the character’s unique gear is upgraded to +16. The skill’s effect is enhanced when the gear reaches +21.

Tier List Summary

S - Peru, Queena, Clara, Doanana, X, Moon, Doris, Monni, Leanlev

A - Becky, Vitty, Sariel, Diye, Fai, Latika, Kate, J-001

B - Guru, Tachibana Kyoi, Fun, Mica, Patch, Owen, Jade,

C - Hardo, Tako, Lucinda, Millie, Amber, Miyamoto Ritsuko, Golin, Yuan, Taraxa, Idalia, Scarlett,

Note: Sea Dream variants of some characters are not included in this tier list.


Attribute & Class: Flame, Mage

Space Leaper: Cocoon

Peru is an expert on anything money-related, and when it comes to the battlefield, she excels in dealing AoE energy damage to large areas. Her character gear, “Ancient Calculator” allows her to deal even more damage when she uses her skills “Deficit Spending” and “Short Selling” once it is upgraded to LV16. At gear level 21, this damage is increased even further, making her a very potent AoE damage-dealer. As a mage, she’s quite fragile so as long as she’s protected by her allies, she’ll reliably do her job and quickly soften up and/or decimate enemy numbers.


Attribute & Class : Flame, Tank

Space Leaper: Cocoon

Queena is an amazing tank who offers a lot of utility to your team. Her skill set gives her the ability to reliably tank for her team as well as contributing to the team’s damage output. First, her talent “Immortal Dragon Scales” reflects 20-30% of the damage back to the attacker. Next, her ultimate skill “Flying Dragonflame” deals heavy damage to all enemies in a straight, AoE line that also [Enrages] them. Enraged enemies will focus their attention on Queena and won’t be able to use their skills.

Her energy skill also allows her to deal AoE damage to all enemies around her - quite perfect for her role as a frontline tank. Finally, her character gear skill “Eye of Alkaid” increases the damage reflected back by her talent (Immortal Dragon Scales) for every portion of her HP that she loses.


Attribute & Class : Stone, Assassin

Space Leaper: Cocoon

As an assassin, Clara excels in dealing very potent damage against individual targets. Her ultra skill “Diamond Dust” deals a massive amount of damage to a target while also ignoring 20% of the target’s DEF. This ultimate attack can get up to 700% damage multiplier, and as soon as she reaches Grade 10, the skill deals an additional 200% True Damage. Her talent, “Absolute Perfection”, increases her ATK 30-50% whenever an enemy blocks or dodges one her attacks, ensuring that she’ll have an edge even against defensive enemies.

Finally, her gear skill “Critical Stare” further increases her reactive capabilities. This skill gives her a chance to deal high physical damage to a single target, if that enemy attacks or uses a skill while being targeted by Clara. Furthermore, the skill also replenishes Clara’s HP based on the full value of her ATK stat.


Attribute & Class: Chaos, Mage

Space Leaper: Cocoon

Doanana is the one of the few 2-star characters that easily makes it to the top/high tier list positions. She’s also a free unit that newbies can get. On top of that, newbies also have access to a series of quests or tasks that will fully increase Doanana’s stage to max (5-stars).

Doanana’s utility is more focused on her summoned pet, Lulu. Her ultimate skill summons Lulu to help her fight. If Lulu is already on the field, using the ultimate skill increases Lulu’s Max HP and ATK for a few seconds instead. Doanana’s talent, “Loyal Guardian” , is triggered when an enemy attacks her. Lulu protects its master by taunting the attacker and levitating it. Lulu can even get ATK Speed and ATK boost bonuses when triggering this effect once the talent is upgraded. Finally, Doanana’s gear skill “Early Warning” allows her to enter the battlefield with two extra energy cores. At the same time, Lulu gains a protective barrier that also deals energy damage to any enemy around her within 1-grid distance.


Attribute & Class : Chaos, Assassin

Space Leaper: Cocoon

X’s talent (Reverse Biu) increases her damage as her HP goes down and she capitalizes on this through her attacks, especially her ultra skill: Shadow Radiation. This skill summons a radioactive energy field that deals AoE damage to nearby targets. While this is active, X gets lesser aggro but will receive higher AoE damage. Finally, her gear skill “Space-time Curvature” gets activated once she receives damage equal to 70%-80% of her Max Health. She’ll teleport to the grid with the most enemies and activate her ultra skill.

While X’s attacks become more potent as her HP goes down, it’s still a good idea to have a healer in the team that can replenish her HP or at least keep her alive long enough to fully take advantage of this ability.


Attribute & Class : Wind, Assassin

Space Leaper: Cocoon

Moon gives her class justice as her abilities are perfect for the role. Her ultra skill and talent complement each other’s effects, enabling her to eliminate low-HP enemies. Her Ultra Skill aptly named “Sneak Attack” allows her to conceal herself then teleport behind an enemy with the lowest HP and deal high physical damage to it. Once she gets a Stage Breakthrough, Moon even gets an ATK boost every time she uses this skill. Her talent “Cold Blade” increases her damage the lower the target’s HP gets. After a Stage Breakthrough, this talent gives Moon 1 energy crystal and a 20% ATK Boost. Finally, her gear skill “Concealment” gives her a higher Crit Chance and chance to deal bonus damage when she attacks an enemy from the side or rear.


Attribute & Class : Liquid, Tank

Space Leaper: Cocoon

Doris’ offensive skills are somewhat underwhelming but what makes her stand out is her talent and gear skill. Her talent “Deep Sea Hunter” allows her to yank the farthest enemy using her anchor, then orders all ranged allies to focus their attacks on the enemy until it is defeated. This is a very powerful talent, considering the backline units are mostly the most vulnerable ones. This allows her to easily pick off the enemies’ ranged and support units while bypassing the sturdier frontline units.

Aside from the yanking and focus-fire effect of the talent, [Deep Sea Hunter] provides Doris significant survivability by capping subsequent damage inflicted to her once her HP falls below 20% of her Max HP (after Stage Breakthrough). Finally, Doris’ gear skill “Water Wave” gives her access to a party-wide healing effect that triggers whenever she takes damage. The amount of HP recovered is just 1%-2% of Doris’ max HP every 3 seconds but it’s still better than nothing.


Attribute & Class : Wind, Mage

Space Leaper: Cocoon

Monni is another ranged character that has access to potent AoE attacks, perfect for softening up large crowds of enemies and clearing the battlefield of low-HP targets. Monni’s talent “Silver Tongue” inflicts the [Cheated] status on them, increasing the amount of Energy DMG they’ll receive (including sources other than Monni) for a few seconds. Additionally, her gear skill “Cheat ‘Em All” provides buffs to all her allies by increasing their ATK and ATK speed when they deal damage to enemies inflicted with the [Cheated] effect. This bonus cannot be stacked but is still massively useful in almost all scenarios.


Attribute & Class : Flame, Fighter

Space Leaper: Cocoon

Leanlev is a potent frontline DPS that deals reliable physical damage to multiple enemies. Her ultra skill “Scorching Thruster” damages all enemies in a straight line AoE. She can’t be interrupted when using this skill so expect it to always connect. After Stage Breakthrough, this skill also leaves flames in the area of the effect, dealing additional damage every second to enemies who happen to remain standing on the same AoE field.

Leonlev’s talent “Unyielding Heart” increases her ATK SPD for every 10% of her HP lost. After a Stage Breakthrough, this talent also gives her the health absorption ability. Finally, her talent Fighter’s Will gives her a once-a-battle “immortality” mode that will activate once her HP falls below 1% of her max HP. During this mode, she’ll get higher crit chance and drastically high energy recovery. This will give her enough time to get healed by her allies or trigger her talent’s post-breakthrough HP absorption effect. Either way, Leonlev becomes a juggernaut for a brief period of time once she’s near death making her a very powerful offensive powerhouse.

So that's our Tier List! For more Space Leaper Cocoon content, please check our ongoing online guide for the game!

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