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Neutron Star
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Space Leaper: Cocoon features a pleasant pixel-art universe with an interesting, furry cast of characters. With a torn universe, it’s up to you to weave the cosmos back! The game has a lot of different modes that you can tackle with your leapers to test their strength and collect rewards along the way. Neutron Star is one such mode; while it’s not as important as other modes (where you can farm improvement materials), you can potentially earn a lot of rewards by clearing it. In Neutron Star guide, we will cover the basics of this gameplay mode.

Mode Overview

Neutron Star mode is like a board game where you can collect Neutron Matter for winning battles and opening chests; this is a currency that you can exchange for valuable rewards in the category of the same name in Peru’s Emporium. The gameplay may seem straightforward but be warned, this will require a significant power level to clear. (around 160,000 at least)

Neutron Star

Playing the game is simple; instead of using a random counter like dice, you can select how many tiles you want to move from the available cards below. You can also tap the tile to view whatever it has to offer to help you plan ahead.

Here are some tiles that you’ll find in this mode. If you find a split in the path, you’ll be asked which direction you’ll take.

Tile Type Description
Reinforcement Pager Select one of the four available allies to add to your roster. Duplicates are allowed! It’s ideal to select top-tier characters if you don’t have them yet.
Leaper Chest Collect the rewards inside.
“Prepare for Battle” Tile Fight the group of enemies displayed. You can skip these but sometimes they’ll interrupt your movement and you have no choice but to defeat the enemies to continue.
“Meet the Chief” Tile Fight the group of enemies displayed. You can’t skip battles in this tile. If it is sitting along the way, you have to clear it first before you can continue to your destination tile.
Power Potion All leapers lose 10% of their Max HP and increase their ATK by 20% for the next 3 battles.
Natural Hot Springs Restores HP, recovers Energy, and grants 1 Energy Crystal to all Leapers.
Mysterious Life Technology Resurrects 1 random Leaper and restores 50% of max HP
Battle Conveyer Purchase Disks from this tile.

Additional notes

1. After every battle, you can select one Disk that will apply the buffs described for the duration of your session. You can have up to six Disks at a time. If you receive more Disks, you can replace outdated ones or skip them to receive points.

2. Once an ally is knocked out, you won’t be able to deploy them in the succeeding battles (unless you step on a tile with Resurrection effects) That’s why it’s imperative to keep them alive and healthy. Don’t underestimate the enemies. Step on the healing tiles whenever there’s an opportunity.

3. Aside from your main team, always consider recruiting free allies along the way, especially if you feel that you don’t have enough reliable personnel to hold off the increasingly difficult enemies ahead. You can also consider building additional units that you have in your roster, especially if you have potentially useful characters just sitting because you’re focusing on improving your main team.

That concludes our Neutron Star Guide in Space Leaper: Cocoon. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Space Leaper: Cocoon content!

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