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Analog Campaign

Analog Campaign
Space Leaper: Cocoon Guide

Space Leaper: Cocoon features a pleasant pixel-art universe with an interesting, furry cast of characters. With a torn universe, it’s up to you to weave the cosmos back! The game has a lot of various PvE content and thankfully, there’s also a PvP mode called Analog Campaign for competitive players out there. In our Analog Campaign guide, we will discuss this game’s take in PvP and what’s in store for you for participating.

You can access the Analog Campaign in the third screen of the game so swipe left until you reach the last screen. From the Analog Campaign screen, you should see your current defensive team, three possible opponents and more. First, set your Defense Team by tapping the “Defensive Configuration” button. This team is what other players will fight. From there, you can manually select your defensive units or have the game automatically select the best ones in your roster using the “Quick Deploy” button. You can review the team’s overall power on the top of the screen, as well as the active Resonances. Once you’re satisfied with your setup, tap the Save Changes button to save your team.

Back in the main screen, you can see the three possible opponents you can fight, as well as their ranks and their defensive team’s combat power. You can refresh the list of opponents by tapping the circular icon in the top-right of the third opponent’s card. You can refresh once daily for free; subsequent refreshes will cost diamonds. Take note that not all opponents you see here are other players; the game includes a few easier AI opponents so you can secure easy wins. These AI opponents will have the “Faked” word included in their names.
Analog Campaign

Each fight attempt will use up an Analog Campaign Voucher. You can up to 8 vouchers at a time; once a voucher is used, a timer will appear. This timer indicates how much time is left for a new voucher to be added to your stock. Once the max limit is reached, the auto-generation of vouchers will stop.

Upon winning a match, you’ll earn Analog Campaign Coins and rank points that will be used to calculate your rank position. After each season, you’ll receive bonus rewards based on your rank. Normally, players will receive Analog Campaign Coins but for players with Golden Molten Core (210) rank or above, they’ll also receive diamonds on top of the AC coins. The top ranked players will receive a substantial amount of AC coins and 500 diamonds! Even if you’re not actively participating in PvP, you can still aim to win the free, easy matches against the AI opponents to get bonus AC coins at the end of the season. You can use the AC Coins to exchange for some prizes in the Analog Campaign shop in Peru’s Emporium.
Analog Campaign

That concludes our Analog Campaign Guide in Space Leaper: Cocoon. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Space Leaper: Cocoon content!

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