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Cocoon Park
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Space Leaper: Cocoon features a pleasant pixel-art universe with an interesting, furry cast of characters. With a torn universe, it’s up to you to weave the cosmos back! Managing your leapers will require a ton of resources and you can only earn so much daily from farming. Thankfully, there are other methods to passively earn rewards for free without exerting too much extra effort. One of these “passive rewards” systems is called Cocoon Park. In our Cocoon Park guide, we will cover the basics and advantages of this facility.

Like most other menus in the game, you can find this on the last screen by swiping left. If you can’t see this icon, that means it’s not unlocked yet. That said, just continue progressing through the main story until you get a tutorial or notification about this facility. Like the survey where rewards are collected over time, Cocoon Park has several facilities that do the same. The main difference is that you have to manually assign Leapers to operate and improve the production of items.
Cocoon Park

The facilities have storage or “warehouse” capacity as well. Once these are completely filled, production will halt until you empty them. Thankfully, most of the facilities can take orders worth 16-24 hours so you’ll have a comfortable window to log in to the game and empty the warehouses to collect generated items.

As of the moment, there are four facilities. Here are the facilities you’ll find in the park:
Items Produced
Entertainment Area
Leaper Coin
Living Quarters
Energy Bread
Shopping Area
Gifts (For increasing Feeling Level)
Research Area
Class Exclusive (upgrade material)

Basically, you need to assign at least one Leaper to a facility to get it running. The selected item will be produced in regular intervals until all orders are fulfilled. You can even max out an order and come back after the indicated time has elapsed. Now, each facility has two recommended skill attributes. For example, for Entertainment Area - Arcade 1, Life and Consume skills will reduce the time a single order is produced. As such, selecting a Leaper with high scores on those preferred attributes will be beneficial in increasing your production rate for that facility. As you unlock more slots, the total points of their attributes will be calculated, allowing you to reach the bonuses much easier.

It’s also worth noting that Leapers will have different skill attribute ratings. For example, Peru has good Life and Consume scores but she has zero points in Enjoy and low points for Fun. You can review a Leaper’s attributes from the Leaper Files menu. These attribute points can be manipulated by letting the leaper complete a Journey (that’s another mode in the game that we’ll cover in another article).
Cocoon Park

As a general rule, always use the leapers with the best attributes that match what the facility needs. You can use the same leaper in multiple facilities as well so always focus on the points. However, do consider balancing it out like if one character has a lot of points on one attribute but has very low points on the other. In that scenario, you’ll have more value by deploying a leaper with average points for the two required attributes.

Each facility has multiple “sub-facilities”, which will allow you to add more leapers and increase your production rate. However, these extra rooms are locked by default and you’ll need to continue upgrading the facility to unlock more leaper slots and said rooms. There are progression requirements for each facility; after meeting those requirements, you can just pay the required amount of coins and wait for the upgrade to be finished.
Cocoon Park

I’m not sure yet if they’ll eventually add more facilities but it’s still better to manage these facilities as part of your daily gameplay routine. Since you have to manually navigate to this feature in the third screen, it’s very easy to miss it so consider checking this while you’re going through the other recommended daily modes like the Bounty Board, Analog Campaign, and Iridescent Array.

That concludes our Cocoon Park Guide in Space Leaper: Cocoon. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Space Leaper: Cocoon content!

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