Space Leaper: Cocoon

Scan (Gacha) Guide

Scan (Gacha) Guide
Space Leaper: Cocoon Guide

Space Leaper: Cocoon features a pleasant pixel-art universe with an interesting, furry cast of characters. With a torn universe, it’s up to you to weave the cosmos back! In our Scan (Gacha) guide, we will discuss how the game’s gacha system works.

If you’re playing other mobile games with gacha mechanics, then you’re already familiar with how this randomized system works. If this is your first time you’ve heard of it, think of it as a lottery. You’ll need to spend premium currency or special items for a chance to get something from the pool of possible prizes/items/characters. The rarer/more valuable items or characters have a lower drop or appearance rate compared to their uncommon or common counterparts.

In Space Leaper Cocoon, the gacha is called “Leaper Search” and you have to “Scan” the area to discover and recruit new Leapers (characters). Each scan costs a Particle Pill and you can scan 10x at a time. You can obtain this item as reward from various tasks and quests, purchase from Peru’s Emporium, or purchase using real money via the in-game store.
Scan (Gacha) Guide

In Leaper Search, you have the chance to obtain 1-star to 3-star Leapers. The probability goes as follows:
* 3% chance to obtain a 3-star leaper
* 29.5% chance to get a 2-star leaper
* 67.5% chance to get a 1-star leaper.

You’re guaranteed to obtain a 3-star leaper for every 80 searches. However, this counter is reset when you get a 3-star leaper before reaching that “pity rate”. So for example, you made 50 searches, and you got a 3-star leaper on the 51st search. The counter will reset back to 0 meaning your guaranteed 3-star will be given to you after 80 pulls, not 29.

Another thing to note are the banners with “Up Rate”. These banners will have featured characters that will have a higher chance of appearing in your Searches. The probability for available leapers remains the same but if you happen to trigger the appearance of a 3-star leaper in your searches, the featured characters will have a higher chance of appearing instead. The guaranteed 80-search system is also applicable in UP banners.
Scan (Gacha) Guide

If you happen to obtain copies of Leapers you already own, you’ll get their Genes instead. These consumable items are used in progressing the Leaper’s Stage, basically permanently improving its stats and upgrading its skill. You’ll also obtain Gene Slides, which are points that can be exchanged as currency in Peru’s Emporium.

As of the moment, there are no discounted rates or promotions regarding the Leaper Searches so go ahead and pull for more characters. If you don’t like the current featured UP banner characters, you can’t go wrong with doing a Full Area Scan instead. The important thing is that you’ll get more characters to adjust your main combat team accordingly, and even get duplicate copies of the Leapers you own so you can strengthen them further.

That concludes our Scan (Gacha) Guide in Space Leaper: Cocoon. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Space Leaper: Cocoon content!

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